Sunday, 6 September 2015

Steph the Yogi

Hi my name is Steph and I'm a lover of all heart racing, sweat inducing, blood pumping, activities. Which is why I'm a runner. And also a fan of chaotic dancing around the house.

However I'm also a fan of the deep, relaxing, meditating forms of movement.

Which brings me to yoga.

Now, if you read my WIAW from last week (not pre-requisite reading... unlike completing chemistry for a university nutrition course :( I love school. So much.) you may have noticed me mentioning doing some morning yoga (before I raced to the kitchen for FOOD!).

I've done yoga in the past, both a regular class and a teens yoga class, and enjoyed it so, s much! I mean, I'm a skeptic. It's true. So when my first ever yoga instructor told me yoga does so much more than give you a good stretch (for example tapping into your emotions by opening your hips, or helping with sleep and anxiety) I was a bit unsure.

And then I was converted.

Yoga offered me so many benefits, not only the physical improvement in flexibility and strength, but also an outlet for my frustrations an stress and a way to centre myself and just. Stop.

So when I was reading Paleo Running Momma's blog and came across her speaking only good things about a YouTube yoga channel called Fightmaster yoga, I became intrigued.

As year 11 has seemed to take ALL my free time, ever, I have found that easy to access at home activities are where it's at for me in this stage of life. So, one morning, I woke up bright and early, drank some water, popped up a YouTube tab on my iPad and did an incredible 30 minute yoga session focusing on stretching out my back, hips and legs.

There was that awesome yoga sensation that I've never gotten from anything else in life. Not even running. I was instantly calmed, relaxed and centered into myself and haven't looked back! Now I log onto Fightmaster yoga at least 3 mornings a week and get my yogi on focusing on whatever it is I'm feeling like that day (strength, flexibility, relaxation etc.). Then I alternate the rest of my mornings with either weight training or running (currently middle distance interval training for school. Blah.) or rest days. Boy has it been awesome!

I don't know why I keep forgetting about yoga when it gives me so many benefits, but now that I've found  ways I can do downward dog in my comfy PJ's I don't think I'll be stopping any time soon! ;)

What about you?
Are you a yoga fan? 
What was your first experience like? 
Any funny/inspirational yoga stories? 

If you've never done yoga before, definitely give Lesley Fightmaster a go and who knows, you might just fall in love with it! Bye for now friendly friends!! :D

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