Friday, 18 September 2015

It's time for Africa!

Guys, the day has arrived.

And I don't even know where it came from!!!

All of a sudden I was waking up in my bed for the last morning before I leave on a plane to Africa!
To say I'm excited....
would be 1000% correct.
To say I'm nervous would be 10000% correct on top of that.

All in all I'm ready for a shock. A shock from the sheltered perfect life I've lived in my 16 years on this Earth. I'm ready to be introduced to something bigger, more confronting. Real.

So, I guess I'm ready! In that sense however...I still need to pack my bag! (so I guess I'm not quite ready to physically leave, but mentally; let's go!)

Anywho, here's a look at some of the pics I've snapped on my camera from the past few days as this will probably be my last post for around 3 weeks- DON'T FORGET ABOUT ME!

Over the week I've been eating all of my favourite foods/ meals:

 Black + blue berry fro you (frozen blackberries and blueberries whazzed up with greek yoghurt) and a PB and banana toasted sandwich.
 Last training day eats:
 Choc protein powder overnight oats with a banana.
 Eaten like this in case you were wondering:
 This crazy awesome carrot from the odd-bunch groceries:
 And lastly, my new favourite bowl of oats on my last morning in Aus:
 Blueberries, steel cut oats, banana, coconut butter, almond milk, vanilla protein powder, chia seeds, lemon rind and juice  and greek yoghurt:
 Super filling, filled with nutrients and extremely delicious!
 I feel like I'll keep this amazing food going for the reast of the day before I leave for the airport!
Now, I seriously need to go pack!

Tell me (I'll read them when I get back ;)
What's your favourite breakfast at the moment?
Are you a pack 2-weeks prior or on the day kind of person?
If you could go anywhere right now, where would you go?

 I hope you all have a fabulous day/ week/ 3 weeks and I'll be back with all your lovely faces in 3 weeks! Bye friends!!! :D

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