Wednesday, 9 September 2015

WIAW #73 Eats when I'm sick

Hello, hello lovely people!

Even the un-lovely people- hello! (I'm just kidding, you're all lovelies....hopefully ;)

Anywho, it's Wednesday and on Wednesday we drool over other people's eats because we are all foodies.
Yep, it's WIAW thanks to Peas and Crayons for creating this awesome weekly link-up! Now enough babbling, onto the FOOOOD! (This day of eats is from Monday)

Breakfast: 7:25am
Woke up Monday morning, still pretty unwell, but determined to go to school as I hate being sick and missing out and stopping life and... yeh.
So I did some light yoga (thank you Fightmaster) and then sauntered into the kitchen to whip up some grub!

Grub was good.
In my almost empty jar of smooth peanut butter went some choc banana oats (rolled oats + banana + raw cacao powder + chia seeds + cinnamon + almond milk- heated on the stove until liquid absorbed and then stirred together with some greek yoghurt= choc cheesecake!)
Perfect bowl for warm, gooey oats!
However sick I am, I still seem to find the appetite to eat!

I'd feel bad if I showed you yet another picture of peas in a pot. :)

But there were peas in a pot.

Lunch: 1:15pm
Still dying through school (but still determined to stick to normalcy!) lunch couldn't have come soon enough!

Prepped the night before was a delicious tupperware container of roasted brussels, broc and eggplant (roasted in olive oil) with some spinach and tri-coloured quinoa.

Look- here's a blurry picture of a brussel sprout for you!
You're welcome ;) (but seriously if you haven't tried brusells sprouts, eggplant or broccoli roasted in olive oil- you are missing out!!!)

Snack: 4:00pm
Finally the school day was over and I dove into some fruit and soy milk:
A cut up (hard!) pear with super crisp, delicious red grapes.

Dinner: 6:45
I was over life the day, so I simply cut up some veg, popped it on a tray, little bit of oil and roasted. Done.
Served with some lentils and spinach. Too easy and too delicious!!

After dinner, for dessert I had... a lemsip. Yum. Though the other night I had a piece of 85% dark choc and fell in love. T'was very good indeed!

What about you:
What's your favourite form of movement when sick? I simply can't sit still! I think it makes it obvious how gross I feel.
Best 'when sick' breakfast?
Do you lose your appetite when you're sick?

That's it from me today folks, make sure to check out what everyone else is nom-ing on, and also have yourself a wonderful day! Bye for now friendly friends!! :D


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