Saturday, 24 May 2014

Fill me up, Buttercup!

Every morning I wake up, smile at the world and then go about my business of organising stuff for school, or heading out for a walk, or....
Every morning I wake up, smile at the world and.. JUMP out of bed ready for a delicious brekky as my tummy is ready for food!
I always make big brekky's, but sometimes they just don't satisfy:(
Today's breakfast definitely satisfied!
Vanilla protein oats in an almost empty coconut butter jar with a papaya and banana green smoothie!
It may not look like much, but trust me- you will be full to the brim!
I got up, ate a small handful of brazil nuts and began making my oats (oats+oat milk+ 1 scoop of vanilla protein powder- smells sooo good!+ 1 tablespoon chia seeds) Once the were done I put them in my jar, put the lid on and went for a quick run/sprint around the block (training for cross country carnival on Thursday!)
I then raced in the door, threw a frozen banana and 1/4 of a frozen papaya (both chopped) in a blender with some soy milk and two large handfuls of spinach and blended until smooth.
Then I went outside and devoured my delicious brekky!
Vanilla protein oats:

And a delicious smoothie:
It was a tad sweet for me (I don't eat any added/processed/ not already in natural ingredients sugars so I guess I'm more sensitive to sweet stuff -papaya and vanilla protein powder) but I'm sure anyone else would find it perfect!
Super full right now and ready to tackle the streets of Hillarys, door knocking for the Red Shield Appeal!
Have a great Sunday everyone!

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