Friday, 2 May 2014


Yesterday I promised you guys a recipe and I never break my promises!
My very first post on this blog featured this!
It was pretty good. I didn't write a recipe. Not a good start to food blogging hey? ;)
Well this one is slightly better, it has a recipe- in picture form!
To begin:
Steam this much sweet potato until soft(don't worry about measurements- I rarely do! It'll still work :)
Whaz up about 1 cup of butter beans, some nutritional yeast (1 tablespoon) and hommus (as much as you like!) in a food processor:
Add your sweet potato:
Place in a bowl with oats (1/4-1/3 cup) and other add-ins (I used peas, corn, and seeds)
Stir to combine...
Form into two patties and place in fridge.
Meanwhile on a griddle pan on high heat grill a large mushroom, 1 cm thick slice of eggplant and 2 squares of eggplant until charred. Oil the griddle pan and fry your patties until brown on each side (you can just use a normal fry pan)
Kale+ patty:
 + mushroom
 + capsicum
 + veggie burger
 + eggplant + capsicum
If you want an even yummier experience (yes, it IS possible!) Smear on some dijon mustard for dipping and smearing purposes!
Fork shot! (You can't use a spoon for this!)
Just like in my very first post...
This story ended in the same way:
Have a super-duper weekend everyone!

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