Thursday, 29 May 2014

Happy 100th Birthday!!!

Not to me of course! It was actually, un-knowingly- on this previous post- where I published my 100th post! Me- being unaware- did a boring old WIAW post instead of a celebratory 100th birthday post! So here it is... sort of.
You see, I only found out that it was my 100th post this morning, then I had to rush around making a quick brekky and lunch to get to school by 7:00am for the inter school cross-country carnival, so there were no awesome foodie creations... but if I had to have a cake... what would it be?

Would it be the cake I made for my brother?
3 layered cake of rich mud cake, gooey brownie and another rich mud cake, iced in chocolate ganache, topped with white choc chips and the crispy top of the brownie and also some intense Tim Tam truffles!
Oh my...
Trust me people, it is a lost cause to try and preach my healthy messages to a teenage boy, instead I take advantage of his ridiculously fast metabolism and chocolate resistant taste buds and have a crazy time in the kitchen!

Or perhaps the cake I made for my mum?
6  layered butter cake with butter cream frosting and white fondant roses (super simple to make- you tube it!)
Impressive... no?
Well, probably wouldn't want either of them! Not unless I wanted to spend the next few days pretty sick :( Hmmm, no I need an awesome birthday cake for my blog!
Healthy, delicious and AWESOME!
Chocolate Covered Katie's healthy cake recipe looks pretty delish!
And the Purely Twins birthday cake looks out of this world awesome!
However in my oblivious state this morning, I simply went about making some almond butter oats(1/2 a banana, 1/2 a cup of oats, 1-2 tablespoons almond butter and 1 cup of oat/ soy milk cooked on stove) with a homemade coconut granola and a strawberry milkshake (suuuper ripe strawberries +half a banana+ 1 cup oat/soy milk)
It was still a party in my mouth!

Oats too dry- have no fear! Milkshakes are here!
 You will simply have to tune in next time if you want a real recipe for a celebratory creation!
Have a fab Friday! :D

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