Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Greeny love!

I really dislike the colour green, unless it's a beautiful deep forest, calming green- I can't stand it, but then I feel guilty for judging something because of the way it looks...
Then I don't feel guilty because I realise I make up for not liking the colour green by eating tonnes of it!
Peas, spinach, brussel sprouts... PESTO! I love it!
So I decided I owed it to green to do a little tribute :)

ah-hem (clears throat)
I love green food because...
It makes things look cooler:
Thank you chlorophyll! In my lovely green smoothies :)
And whazzed up in an omelette:

I love hiding it in heaps of my dishes- bumping up the nutrition:
From this:
 To this:
Delicious veggie filled pasta
I simply love the taste of spinach:
And using it as a taco:
I can't imagine eating a pasta dish without a touch of green:

Pesto pasta!
I love green smoothies- AND- green crazy straws!
And finally I love green because it was the colour of one of the coolest fruits I've ever seen- the kiwi berry!
But you all know the real reason why green is awesome..
Pesto. Enough said.
I guess this post was necessary because recently I've had some pretty green meals:
Some eggs topped with a pea smash and some sweet potato fries with parsnip
In the pea smah was some anti pasto, the fries were super long too:

And also yesterdays breakfast:
A green smoothie (frozen banana, mango, oat milk, spinach and chia seeds) with some coconut granola

So as you can see... Green is amazing (maybe)
But the real star colour is of course:

Have a great rest of your week! (Eat lots of greens!)

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