Friday, 22 August 2014

Athletic eating.

Hello, hello friends.
No don't worry I haven't started eating competitions or stuffing my face in an athletic manner, or taken up sprinting and javelin whilst eating. What I meant by athletic eating was what I ate on the day of my school's athletic carnival :)

You might remember from this post and this post me mentioning that I couldn't run because I did something to my ITB band/ muscle thingy down my leg.

Well, I had signed up for 4 different running events and long jump before this happened, so with the help of my wonderful physio's remedial massage (I have bruises to prove how wonderful) and some acupuncture and some taping... I could compete!
Good to go!
I went equipped with a little chemist in my bag. Voltaren gel, snap ice packs and extra tape. 
The real way I prepared myself for today? A good hearty- DELICIOUS- breakfast:
 Chocolate steel cut oats and berry froyo (frozen berries whazzed up with greek yoghurt)

 Using this method, I heated up 1 tablespoon of cashew butter and spread it round!
Full of protein, complex carbs and good fats- I was ready to start the day!
Chocolate not up your alley?
How does overnight oats mixed with mango fro-yo sound:

 With some bananas split in half and smothered in peanut butter?

 In relation to how I did in the carnival... not great to be honest :D
I sort of expected it... I didn't lose anything (second last isn't losing!) and I did come 4th in the 800m (out of like 25 girls) so I guess I'm sort of happy, it just means no inter-school this year. I was pushing it competing anyway!

But there you have some great brekky's for a busy/ tiring/ energy requiring day!

What did you have for brekky?
Are you a sprinter or long distance runner?
How do you feel about acupuncture? (I might talk about this in a later post :)

See ya later! :D

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