Sunday, 24 August 2014

Seven Wants

Hi guys, I'm back with my 10-day-you challenge and I'm up to 7 wants! This one should be easy! Or so I thought. I figured it would be a piece of cake to come up with 7 things I really want, but honestly I don't want too much (little things like new shoes or a book I didn't think cut it)

Anyway, here is what I did manage to come up with:
7.This one was a tie between a nice big double bed ( I think I flail about a lot at night.. I've ended up in some strange places in the morning) and another puppy so that our gorgeous dog, Ash can have a play mate when she's all alone all day :)
 6. More hours in a day:
I'm sure some people would disagree with me, but I just think the days fly by so fast and there's so many things I want to do, there's just simply not enough hours (especially with 8 hours of school smack bang in the middle!)

5. Kabocha and Spaghetti squash:
Why? I've seen so many bloggers post about how much they love kabocha (mainly American) and I just think spaghetti squash looks soooooo cool! I would eat them both daily!

I can't tell you how badly I want one of these.. or how long I've wanted one! Why you have to be so expensive Vitamix?

3. Either one day travel/ live in a beautiful suburb in America:
I get so entranced when watching American movies, or reading American blogs by some of the Suburbs they live in. Plus I would be able to go to Wholefoods to do shopping and also have a hot lunch and pick up a kabocha! ;)
2. To go to University (I seriously can't wait!) and learn and maybe even eventually become a Registered dietitian :)
Part of this one involves after leaving school I want to do something everyday that helps others:

1. I know this sounds exactly like a pageant answer for my top response but I want it so it makes the list:
World peace :)
But seriously, wouldn't that be so awesome? A girl can only dream- although a world can change!

There you have it! It took a bit of thought and creativity, but I managed to come up with my top 7 wants :)

What would be on your top seven?

Have a great day everyone! :D

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