Friday, 15 August 2014

Eight fears

In continuing with my 10-day-you challenge, I've come up with a list of my eight fears... it was seriously a hard thing to do, but I did it!

10 Day You Challenge
8. Coming in at number eight is... Horror movies- these don't just scare me- they are a fear!I should probably say I have a fear of the whole genre of horror- not just movies, it's just when you're reading a book and it says the axe murderer opened the door, you can make yourself picture unicorns and bunnies... in a movie, not so much.
7. Death. I'm sure the majority of people are scared of this and I really don't want to be (which is why it's only 7th on my list) but I'm not going to lie to you it's a fear of mine.

6. Deep water. Lots of people find this one strange when I tell them it's a fear of mine, but even just looking at a photograph of deep water in the middle of no where gives me shivers...

5.I guess in tying in with deep water, another fear I've had ever since I can remember is tsunamis. I literally can't look at this photo for more than a five seconds. Literally.

4. Exams- I'm at the ripe old age where I'm preparing for my super-duper important exams. I know in the scheme of things, they shouldn't be this far up on the list, but just the fact that I'm going into them now makes them seem even scarier than horror movies :O
This may or may not be what I'm most afraid of!

3. Cockroaches- they make me physically ill

2. Cockroaches- their such a big fear they deserve two top 3 fear spots.
The worst thing about them...

Although I did find this quite interesting:
Like Steph like Cockroach!

1. My top one would be losing close friends and family, or having to watch them suffer. Every night before I go to bed, they're the last people I think of and I send them happy and healthy thoughts for tomorrow.

But really we all know what my real #1 fear is:

Something that doesn't scare me- chocolate oats and mango froyo :) :) :)

Just some happy pictures to finish off a less than happy post! (I do not like facing/ revealing my fears, I've decided)

What's your greatest fear?
Cockroaches- who's a fan?

I hope everyone has a great weekend!

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