Monday, 25 August 2014

Food- the way I like it!

Hello everybody!
Whilst looking through everybody's WIAW, I came across this post by Chase The Red Grape
which talks about how everyone has different eating styles- different ways we enjoy food! 
My Food
1) How do you take your coffee?
I don't drink coffee! Name that movie! Hint:
I guess I don't like the taste (love the smell!) and I think I would get really hyperactive/ stressed... so I stick with water :)

2) How do you prefer your eggs?
Poached and runny!
The yolk makes a delicious sauce and I just prefer the taste (and awesome science-y process) of poached eggs.

3) Truffles one bite or two?
Found these on images after typing in healthy truffles- what a great idea!

I've had this mentality my entire life. I don't want to suck on something for 20 minutes or eat something in miniscule bites to make it last- if it tastes good I want to enjoy it all- even if it's gone after one bite!

4) White or sweet potato? How do you prefer your potato cooked?
a) Because sweet potatoes taste ridiculously good!
b) Because you can get different colours (looking at you purple sweet potato!)
Favourite way of cooking them? Baked whole and then spread with coconut butter or almond butter!
5) How do you eat an apple?
Always- cut into bite-size chunks with a glass of soy milk... always :)
6) What is your perfect method of cooking veg?
Nice big chunks, drizzled and rubbed with olive oil and placed in an oven at 180 degrees celsius until cooked (usually 45mins-1 hour)
7) How do you eat a muffin?
Usually warm, split in half with something that can go all melty in the middle (nut butter, home made choc coconut spread etc.) then... I just eat it :)

 (Just had to include my awesome 'cupcake tins.')
8) Bananas- green, yellow, or speckled black?
It depends what I want to do with it:
Green- never
Yellow- eat right there and then (or in with my muesli etc.)
Speckled- cut up and place in freezer for smoothies/ ice cream
Black- Into a cake/ loaf
But really, I try not to discriminate.. if it's a banana it's a friend :)
Like Jen says- everyone has their own way of eating- let's celebrate it! If you have a blog, take the quiz! It would be interesting to see others preferences and eating quirks! 

Bye for now folks! :D

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