Monday, 4 August 2014


And in breaking news.....
So, yeh... I really only had no internet for 2 days, but 2 days was long enough to remind me just how much I rely on it!
Whenever I had a question I couldn't jump onto google. I couldn't talk to my buddies on iMessage. I couldn't do homework that required internet. I couldn't read blogs in the wee hours of the morning and I couldn't blog! I missed you guys!
What's more- heaps has been happening!

I ate a lot of good food:

Cinnamon steel cut oats in an almost empty jar of cashew butter and a side of frozen berry yoghurt (whazzed up in my mini food processor)

A baked sweet potato, fluffed up and drizzled with almond butter with a side of steamed greens, salsa and 2 poached eggs.

Frozen mango whazzed up with greek yoghurt topped with raw granola, sliced bananas and blueberries.

A mega stuffed wholemeal pita pocket (stuffed with a torn up veggie burger, sauteed mushrooms, chopped avocado, capsicum, tomatoes, spinach, hommus and salsa) and a side of fries (half a large potato cut into fries and drizzled with a little olive oil- baked at 180 degrees celsius for 30 mins)

And lastly an old favourite- AB+banana toastie with strawberries whazzed up with greek yoghurt.

In other news, on Thursday I went for my typical morning run, when I felt this niggling pain in my knee, I kept going thinking it would wear off and instead got worse and worse, where I had to stop after 5 minutes of running. I could hardly walk down stairs after that and my leg was really stiff so I went to the physio and after a painful massage and a few exercises, he said to stop running this week and do some exercises at home to strengthen other muscles so this doesn't happen again (apparently this type of thing is very common in runners). So yeh, I've been going a bit insane without my runs but I've made do with swimming laps at a leisure center and some purely twins workouts.

The other reason we rushed to go see the physio was because I was dancing in our school's performances of Cloud Street.  I'm a scary ghost-girl. See:
 Tis' me on the right (the left if you are looking at it- the one with brown hair!;) and my lovely duo partner on the left :)
Me doing a leap
As you cane see, lots happening and lots of fabulous blog posts coming up- isn't internet a great thing?
Now I'm off to go catch up on everything I've missed!
Ta ta for now! :D

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