Tuesday, 12 August 2014

WIAW #18

Why do I seem to like Wednesdays so much? Not sure... but I sure do love em'!
Since your all here for a snoop on the food front (aren't we all?) let's jump straight to it!
Linking up with Peas and Crayons! WIAW style:)
I usually awaken to the bright and sunny.... pitch black sky of 5:00am-5:30am, (my natural alarm clock) get out of bed and have a nice warm glass of water with a lemon (so many benefits!)- you can kinda tell how dark it is:
Back to bed- where I read some blogs and then do a little workout of some kind (either a walk on the treadmill.. still reading blogs, or a purely twins workout, some stretching.. something like that)
Then I'm pretty hungry at this stage (6:30am ish) so I wonder into the kitchen and start prepping lunch and breakfast at the same time.

 I like big breakfasts and I cannot lie! That was 1/2 cup steel cut oats cooked on stove with 1 chopped banana, a sprinkle of chia seeds and some cinnamon and lots of milk (I don't measure ay more- just lots) topped with buckwheat flakes and wholegrain cheerios with melted peanut butter rubbed in:)

Hommus mixed with brown rice and lentils, with spinach, capsicum, tomato, carrot and 2 chopped boiled eggs.
Our school's really strange...the bell for lunch goes at 1:40pm, then we have to walk back to our lockers, get our food, find our friends- by the time we're sitting down to eat it's almost 2:00pm. That is just wrong!

Come home (not too hungry I might add- thanks late lunch) and always crave.....

Fruit and soy milk! Yum! It gives me such a boost of energy, it's like coffee for me :) In yesterdays case, I had to eat that lovely looking plate almost as soon as I got home to make it to my $:00pm flute lesson)

When I got home from flute I we
nt for a walk on the treadmill and read this book- soooo good!
Then after around 45mins, started to prep dinner which was..
A lovely big bowl of mush! My favourite!
It was mashed pumpkin, parsnip, potato, sweet potato and swede with greek yoghurt mixed in:
And some steamed broccoli, brussels sprouts and sauteed mushrooms :)

Not the prettiest eats of the week, but that's not the point of What I Ate Wednesday, is it?

What did you eat this fine day?
Do you like breakfast?
Do you like big breakfasts?

See ya tomorrow for some thinking out loud and the best ___ ever!


  1. I think all soups and cereals taste better in a fat mug too :)

  2. Your big bowl of mush & breakfast looks amazing!! I like bigger breakfast too, especially if oatmeal is involved.

  3. Thanks! I'm glad you like my mush- I thought it would gross some people out and yes- big bowls of oatmeal=the best (haha.. what's a serving size?)


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