Monday, 27 October 2014

Colourful meals all round!

Hey guys! I thought I'd start off today's post with a budget meal!
 You have probably seen this lunch of mine before (it is one of my favourites) and it has definitely started making a come back (I've had it almost every weekend for the past month)! Then I realised it's dead easy and cheap and uses up any leftover veggies you have lying around... seriously you can throw anything into this dish:
It's one of my big veggie-filled, stir-fry, scrambled egg-y, concoctions!
Into my frypan with some olive oil and garlic went some grated carrot, grated brussels sprouts, grated zucchini, chopped capsicum, (red and green) chopped mushrooms, chopped cherry tomatoes, chopped semi-dried tomatoes, sliced brocoli, frozen peas and corn, lentils, spinach and... that's it! On high heat for a few mins and you get a big bowl of yummy!

 To add some protein boost and yummy flavour I simply whisked up an egg with some water and sea salt flakes:
 Placed in the exact same pan:
 And slowly pushed the eggs around until scrambled:

 Mixed into my veggies:
 Topped with salsa (not optional!!!) and devoured!
 The reason why it's considered a budget meal is you really don't have to go out and buy anything. You can pretty much throw any sort of veggie lying around into this dish and use up any less-than-fresh produce in the process!
 Filling, cheap, extremely healthy (lots of serves of veg!) and extremely delicious!
 The picture says it all:
And just because I'm in the mood for bright colourful meals..
How about a papaya stuffed with overnight oats with a side of peanut butter +frozen banana soft serve for breakfast? Oh yes.
I got this bad boy:
Stuffed him with this bad boy:
3/4 cup of muesli mixed with 1 cup almond milk and sprinkle of chia seeds, left in fridge overnight.
And whazzed up some greek yoghurt with 1/2 frozen banana and a spoonful of crunchy PB!

Then I ate these bad boys!
 Perfect bowl for my oats!

 This tasted like a peanut butter cheesecake:
 And then a peanut butter cheesecake with papaya!

What's your favourite colourful meal?
Are you a fan of stir fry's?
Do you like papaya? It smells a bit funky and has a strange taste at first, but over all I like it!

Bye for now folks! :D

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