Thursday, 30 April 2015

Thinking Out Loud- laziness, 3km runs and hilarious-ness

Hidy-ho friends! Happy Thursday! Happy in the sense that it's almost Friday! Whoot :)

Thursday's are also that little bit better when you have a day dedicated to Thinking Out Loud and thanks to the wonderful Amanda at Running with Spoons, she has an entire link-up to speaking the random musings of our minds- just what I need!

So without further ado I give you the random-ness of my brain from the past-week and all the important global issues that have been concerning it... ;)

Lettuce begin!

1. I am an extremely un-lazy person. Like I hate the feeling of being lazy. If I find myself with nothing to do, I will change that. Stat.
Finished all my homework? Prep my lunch for tomorrow. Prepped my lunch for tomorrow? Clean my room. Cleaned my room? Organise my week (ie. clothes ready, bag packed, everything in it's place so I'm not left running around like a mad thing trying to find something) Organised my week? I'm sure there's more study to do!

And then there are the few things I let myself be lazy about. Procrastinate about for days before I do anything about them. I don't even know why- maybe my brain needs something to not focus on?
Anywho, it usually involves veggie scraps and taking them to the compost bin outside. Yep, that's probably a total of 30 steps.. and yet:
Let's just say it builds up :)

2. As a result of my un-laziness, I do typically find myself rather busy and my brain filled with a million and one things while I multi-task like I'm an octopus with 8 legs... but I'm not, so this generally leads to my brain getting slightly fried.

As a result, some of my meals are rather... un-creative?
Exhibit A:
 Roasted veg (sweet potatoes, potato, parsnip and swede) snow peas, peas and popcorn. Done.
 Well, I managed to include popcorn, so I do know my brain is still functioning!

3.  I am also relatively un-lazy when it comes to exercising... but the thing that is really crazy and shocked me the most was how tired and puffed out I got when I tried to increase my pace a little... running a 3km!! I know changing ones pace is a tough thing to do that takes time and patience- but boy was I wheezing by the end of that 8-minute run!
This is my strategy for tomorrows 3km race to try-out for cross country ^^ hope everyone sprints at first and then gets really tired and then my slow pace will happily jog it's way passed them :)

4. On the topic of running, my mum sent me a picture of this running shirt... I don't know how to take this:
I guess it kind of is the story of my life :)
However for all those Disney die-hards out there- this is the shirt I really want:

5. And finally- just for lols, check out this article outlining 23 soul-destroying pictures of food and drink. I needed a giggle and this definitely delivered ;)
Aaaaand that's all the stuff floating around in my mind this week!
What about you:
Would you consider yourself an extremely lazy, or extremely un-lazy person? Or just in the middle?
Ever multi-task a little too much with bad repercussions?
Changing pace- super hard, right?? Right!?!
Be sure to head on over to Spoons to see what everyone else is thinking about on this delightful Thursday. Also have a great day/ afternoon/ evening and as always- eat something delicious!! Bye friends! :D


  1. I can be super lazy, but it's usually when I'm feeling sort of defeated - like, at the moment. I usually push myself to do something and then I get my push to do more back. I wish I was more like you, I'd definitely have a lot more stuff taken care of lol.

    1. Erin,
      Well, now that you say that, I can definitely see how I am A LOT more unproductive when I'm feeling... blahh!
      Steph 2 chef xx

  2. Love that Gaston shirt! too funny :)

    I can be super lazy at times :/ Working on it

    1. Amy,
      I definitely need that shirt in my life! ;)
      Steph 2 chef xx

  3. You sound like me at the beginning of this post here! I am always wanting to stay busy, it drives me nuts if I have too much downtime. And yet I have those things I procrastinate on as emptying the trash in my bedroom or refilling my soap in my bathroom. I can't explain it either.

    1. Kaylin,
      I'm glad I'm not alone! It is weird how there are just some things I don't even think about doing... ahh well, hopefully they fit in on the logical priority list of life ;)

      Steph 2 chef xx


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