Thursday, 16 April 2015

When food makes me smile :)

Hidy-ho folks and happy Friday!
Are you happy it's Friday? I'm pretty happy it's Friday and with happiness comes smiles- big fat smiles!
It's not only Fridays that make me smile though. There's something else that can break me down, tear me apart, rip away any disguise or poker face I'm trying to pull and initiate a big ol' cheesey grin that simply cannot be hidden. Any guesses? Any at all? No- you're all clueless?

It's food you guys! Gosh I'm good at cryptic clues that leave you scratching your head (the title or the entire genre of my blog were no give away at all ;)
Lately food has just been on the upper quartile of the awesome range lately, for whatever reason, and there ain't no complaints about it over here!

Firstly lets take a time warp back to yesterday, around 12:15pm, the sun is shining, the birds a-chriping, the stomach rumbling, the head full of magical images of different foods dancing and pirouetting through the fantasy land in my brain... Ok, I think I need to draw a line at the extent of the things I reveal about myself on here ;)
Aaaand back on track, please.
So, yesterday- I made a sandwich.
Rephrase; I made the sandwich. One of my all-time favourites (apart from that PB & banana toastie) and this may well have been the best version I've ever made of it.
There were ALL the veggies, they were all fresh and vibrant and perfectly ripe, and piled to the max!

The order of awesome fillings went like this:
  1. Hommus
  2. Spinach
  3. Torn up veggie burger
  4. Char-grilled pumpkin slices
  5. Sliced tomato (biggest and juiciest tomato!!)
  6. The rest of the veggie burger
  7. The rest of the pumpkin
  8. Grilled mushrooms slices
  9. Grilled zucchini slices
  10.  Char-grilled capsicum
  11. And grilled eggplant slices
All topped off with another slice of home-made spelt bread spread with hommus and grilled in a sandwich press!

 Now let's take a minute to appreciate this epic-ness of a sanwich:
 Oh yes.
 Something else I've been super excited about, that tastes awesome and brings a smile to my face when I pop it in my mouth? (Phew that was a long sentence, my brain ran out of breath as I typed it!)
Nope, it wasn't the fried eggs, or the peas, or the steamed veg...
 It was these amazing guys that look worryingly like brains but taste so good!
 I picked up a big bag (like, BIG) when I was out grocery shopping last week and have been enjoying them all week- it was only yesterday that I managed to peel them all nicely for a good-ish picture! ;)

This dinner was quickly thrown together and scoffed before running out the door to go and wait on tables for 2 and a half hours (even though I wasn't even that hungry, I knew I had to eat something to keep that friendly waitress smile on my face ;))

 And lastly; this morning's breakfast:
 I was smiling pretty much the entire time I was drinking this smoothie for 2 main reasons:
  1. I had just run a fast 7km and was extremely hungry from the early dinner I had last night that was long gone from my stomach's memory of food!
  2. It tasted sooooo good!
Yes this is yet another one of an old favourite of mine and will probably remain a favourite of mine for years and years to come!
My thick chocolate green smoothie:
 This guy was slightly different as I needed a full-on breakfast smoothie, so into the blender went:
1 chopped, frozen banana
1/2 chopped frozen avocado
2 big handfuls spinach
3 scoops greek yoghurt
1 big scoop choc protein powder
a few big dashes of cinnamon
1 tabeslpoon crunchy peanut butter
1 handful rolled oats
1/2 cup almond milk

All whazzed up until smooth (and suuuuper thick!)
 Reason for the spoon above because when you get to the bottom of this smoothie, you can only get to all of it with a spoon.
 I can't get over how smooth, creamy and down-right tasty this smoothie is!
3 minutes later:
 Yup, I was hungry!
Enter spoon:

Well, I've babbled on for a lot longer than I intended! I guess I just have a lot of passion for the topics I write about (ie. FOOD!) :)

Your turn:
What would be in your ultimate grilled sandwich?
Have you ever tried chestnuts? Do you like them?
Do you have a pre-running/ workout snack if it's more of a speed/ shorter workout? I don't usually but sometimes I feel pretty faint at the end!

That's all from me today folks- have a fabulous Friday (almost weekend!) eat something amazing- go on do it! Tell someone you love them :) Bye!1 :D

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