Monday, 13 April 2015

Where's the hunger gone?!?

Guys, something big has happened in the legendary world of Steph land. Something never heard of before, something that would shock even the most knowledgeable of man kind!
I haven't been very hungry recently...

Yeh, ok- not exactly ground breaking or shocking news but for someone with a pit of fire burning away in her stomach, incinerating everything that comes into contact with it immediately, this is pretty strange!

All those who know me (and even those who don't that have seen me take out my packed lunch/ cook myself a meal/ serve myself a meal) know that I can handle my food (never tried handling my liquor- on account of my 16-year-old-ness, but I think I'd be pretty sensitive to even a drop of alcohol!) and know that I eat my food and know that I am not afraid of the healthy portions of food my body needs. Also, they know that I can get hangry and when I'm hangry, I'm no longer Steph anymore!
Whilst hangry can be a debilitating and traumatic experience (especially when there is no food around!) I secretly liked the feeling of my stomach growling, yelling at me to feed it. It meant my body needed fuel and wasn't afraid to tell me!


I haven't experienced hanger, or really even a strong hunger pull, in quite some time now and I will admit, I don't like it.
 Yesterday's lunch- a salad with some baked potato fries (this is definitely not a Steph-sized lunch!

I remember a while back I presented my mum with this hypothetical choice:

Would you rather;
Be constantly hungry, or
Have no desire to eat ever.
She's lucky I didn't give her this one!

As a child she barely ate much at all, she was stick thin, and doctors told her the only reason she wasn't having any major troubles was because she slept so much each night. She told me she just didn't really get hungry and meal times were really just scheduled times to make her eat. So of course her answer to my question was having no desire to eat because she doesn't really enjoy the feeling of hunger.

Now, friends, this is one of those situations when I question whether I am adopted or not. Ha-ha only joking! No, I totally understand what my mum's saying here, hunger can be annoying and distracting, making it difficult for you to carry out your daily tasks but even having said that, I would still choose the hunger.

Especially now, when it seems have gone AWOL. You don't enjoy or appreciated or cry with tears of joy if you're not actually hungry to begin with. I can't even imagine living a life where my stomach just didn't want to eat and having to force, yes force, myself to eat each day. Even though being hungry isn't always fun, food always tastes 10x better when you are :).

 Anywho, I know it will come back, probably with a vengeance too. In the mean time, I've simply been making slightly smaller meals (still trying to eat normally, however then I'm not hungry for another 6 hours or so!) so I can be hungry again for the next meal.

For example this lunch of some vegetables soup with the crust of my homemade spelt bread, warmed in the microwave with some hommus:
 And to be honest, this filled me up quite a bit and I wasn't hungry for ages!
Or this lunch of a small 'cheesey baked bean jaffle, with 2 poached eggs and some raw veg sticks:
I guess the raw veg sticks make this lunch look pretty big- but kilojoules wise, it's not very close to my usual lunches, I don't think (I don't count kilojoules/ calories though)

But lastly, let's step away from this whole not hungry business and talk about this chessey baked bean jaffle:
 It used to be my favourite snack as a kid. Mum would whip me up a baked bean toasty with metly tasty cheese and I would devour it!
Now, not willing to live without one of my favourite sandwiches ever, I simply make my own version!
 Spread some 100% rye bread with a generous amount of hommus, sprinkle on some nutritional yeast, top with some baked beans, more nutritional yeast and then place in a jaffle iron/ toasted sandwich machine!
Mmmm :)
 Cheesey goodness!

What about you?
Do you go through stages of extreme hunger/ no hunger?
Were you a hungry kid, or barely ate anything kid? I've always been a good eater!

Ever tried a baked bean and cheese toastie? If not, do!

Bye for now friends! Make sure you have a fabulous Tuesday and I'll be back tomorrow with some WIAW fun! Byeee! :D

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