Monday, 16 February 2015

1 container-3 lunches

Hi everybody! How's your week traveling so far? Apart from stacks of homework, a river cruise, my sister's graduation and a concert coming up at the end of the week, I've had plenty of time to sit back, relax and do nothing.

I wish!!

I secretly believe the government is creating this conspiracy against humans to take away a little chunk of time each day until we are left with only about an hour each day to get everything done. Currently we're down to 5 hours. Or at least that's how it feel sometimes!

So where am I going with the above ramble? No time= planning. Planning= creating. Creating= eating. Eating= food. Food= happiness. Ok I don't know where I'm going with this anymore... but ending on happiness seems nice.

The other thing that comes with planning ahead= Tupperware containers and fridges. So what's been going in my Tupperware containers to sit in the fridge overnight? My school lunches!

Below you will find a few delicious (in my humble opinion ;) lunches that you can make ahead and completely forget about until you need it the next day!

First up- an old favourite!
Pesto pasta!
Boiled whole wheat pasta with steamed veg (carrot, beetroot, parsnip, swede and pumpkin) with some cannelini beans and home made pesto stirred through.
Filling, loaded with nutrients and DELICIOUS!
Not feeling pasta? How about rice?
Stir-fry time!!
A big range of veg (celery, capsicum, cherry tomatoes,zucchini, brocoli, grated carrot, grated brussels sprouts, chopped kale and garlic tofu sauteed in a pan on medium heat with some minced garlic and olive oil for 5-10 mins until veggies are soft and fragrant.
With some pre-cooked brown rice stirred in and cooked for a further minute until combined:
Cooled, photographed and then popped in the Tupperware!

Maybe not feeling pasta or rice? Maybe feeling potatoes? No worries!
Ah, Steph? That's not potato.
No, it's not- it is a nice little salad with chopped capsicum, tomatoes, carrot, cucumber, galric tofu and spinach topped with...
These ones were made with grated potato and white sweet potato.

So many colours, so many veggies and so much yum! (no other way to put it)
Next time you're stuck for ideas of make-ahead meals that are guaranteed good for ya, full of veg and taste great- pick one of these beauties!

What about you?
What's your favourite make-ahead meal?
Do you make your lunches on the day or the night before? If I have time in the morning I'll make it then, but generally I whip up something while I make dinner.
Favourite carbohydrate? I like rice and pasta and potatoes equally I think :)

That's it for today folks! Have a fabulous day!! :D

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