Sunday, 15 February 2015

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Hi everyone! I feel like we haven't had a nice little catch-up in a while and I think we need to!

I also feel like I've started a few new obsessions that aren't going anywhere any time soon. All I can say to this is why haven't I been eating these foods as much before??

Let's jump to it!
 Roasted potatoes! You've probably noticed them popping up as sides for a lot of my meals lately and that's only the meals you see! Yep I've been loving on beautiful crispy, golden, oven roasted white sweet potato and normal potato and haven't even begun to get sick of them yet!
There's something about the crispy outside and the silky smooth and carb-y inside that is just comfort summed up in a wedge.
Next is kind of embarrassing. So many bloggers rave about fruit & nut butter and how it is their favourite snacks. Heck, even my friends who don't lead a typical healthy living blogger life (oats, nut butter, almond milk- you know the drill) say they love fruit with peanut butter. Yet for some reason I've never had it as a snack!
Probably because I generally have large scoops of nut butter with breakfast most mornings and don't want to over do it on those healthy fats (healthy, yes. Still high in calories, yes). The one morning I didn't have any nut butter with breakfast *insert gasp* and so I definitely had to make up for it with my snack:
Oh. My. Peanut butter.
Where have you been all my life?
Right in front of me but I've never eaten you before- that's where!
Something about the strange-but-good combo of rich, sticky mouth-feel of peanut butter and the refreshing, mouth-cleaning feel of apple just work so well! I guess it's like my old childhood favourite of celery and peanut butter... but better!

And how about that combo of baked beans and avocado... and bread? Am I right? I am right!
When baked in a jaffle iron the baked beans and avocado sort of take on the same (flour-y?) texture and yet their flavours just complement each other so well! I can't get enough! Especially on 100% rye bread. :)
Eaten with some cheesy kale chips (chips and nutritional yeast baked in oven until crispy), mashed veg (pumpkin/ parsnip/ beetroot) and the leftover baked beans and avocado.
I think my obsession with mashed root veggies will never leave me. I will always be a lover of baby-textured food.

I'm sure there are so many other things that I've recently tried and can't seem to stop trying but these are the most significant it seems (you tend to notice when you cut up potatoes daily).

Tell me:
Favourite way to eat potatoes/ favourite potato?
Are you a fruit and nut butter eater?
Have you ever tried the baked beans and avocado toasted sandwich combo? I don't even know where I first saw this idea but whoever gave me the thought- thank you very much!! You have made my taste buds and tummy so happy!

I think if you obsess over something there must be a reason- so go with it (in moderation!) and enjoy it! Make sure you have a fabulous day filled with foods you love that love you back! Bye! :D

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