Wednesday, 25 February 2015

WIAW #45 Good Noms

It'ssssss Wednesday! You know what that means! A whole day of eats! A whole day of my eats! Who's super-duper excited?
I know it seems weird but I absolutely love writing these posts, it gives me a little document into what I've been eating each week. I can suss out changes and flick back for some meal inspiration. I also really love reading other peoples WIAW posts- because underneath all of our good intentions, we are all nosy plebeians. Yup.

So, with that awesome intro, let's get onto some eats, shall we?!?
Below is a typical Tuesday- a no-running day where I have time and effort to make my food. (Well, as much time and effort that school will allow)
Breakfast: 7:15am
Leisurely breakfasts are so amazing for me because if I want to fit in my runs somehow (they're getting pretty long, see) I've got to squish em' into my mornings (hello before-the-sun-rises wake-ups!) and then some how manage to eat breakfast whilst simultaneously running around the house with one shoe on and a hairbrush in my hand.

So yeh, Tuesdays are good.
 Also the sun made a spot just for my breakfast to be photographed with perfect light. Thanks sun! :)
 Tuesday's brekky was an old favourite of mine- a peanut butter and banana toastie. Simple, delicious and... did I mention delicious?
 As a side dish to absolutely perfectly complement the rich, coat-your-entire-mouth, sandwich I made some blueberry fro-yo:
 Which was simply a handful of frozen blueberries whazzed up in a mini food processor with a few big dollops of greek yoghurt:


Snack: 11:00am
After the first two periods of wonderful school (half serious, because I actually quite like school!) which involved some cooking (food science) and some literature (...literature) I enjoyed a nice little pot of peas. :)

*Imagination required*

Lunch: 1:40pm (because my school wants to starve us)
Pre-prepared lunch of delicious roasted veg (pumpkin, potato and parsnip) with lots of spinach and some chili tofu:
 How good are cold roasted veggies? I've said this many times before... but still! Nothing beats a cold roasted potato. Nothing. Maybe...

 So easy to whip up the night before and pop in a container to bring to school!

Snack: 4:00pm 
Snack-attack hit at 4 today after some delightful homework and prior to a flute lesson:

 A white-flesh nectarine with some raw mixed nuts and some soy milk. Yum!

 Deliciously sweet and crunchy nectarine, super yummy nuts and cold, refreshing soy milk. Perfect snack.

Dinner: 6:45pm
Flute lesson done! More homework done! Dinner- ready!! 
 This was a good one guys! Roasted sweet potato fries, roasted brussels sprouts, spinach tomatoes and Mexican chickpea patties.
 Happy Days.
 The veggie patties were so good that I'm going to make you wait and suffer for the recipe. Well, I'm actually going to go and do some more homework and write up the recipe when I have more time... but same outcome!!

What about you?
Do you sometimes have super-rushed mornings?
Cold roast veggies? Best thing ever, or not?
Favourite afternoon snack to keep you going?!?

That's it for what I ate Tuesday, to check out other people's eats head on over to Peas and Crayons!
Bye!! :D

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