Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Thinking Out Loud! What food has taught me

I thought a lot about what I wanted to write about today.

I didn't have a recipe, or any pretty food pictures, so that was off the list. (There's only so many bowls of oatmeal I can show you before it becomes...plebeian- I wanted to find a more interesting word than boring;)
I didn't feel like writing a long post about something that requires a lot of research and is pretty factual (see here and here). I didn't feel like preaching, or jesting, or ranting.
So as I puzzled purposefully through this predicament (alliteration appreciation!) my mind wandered back to that one thing that brings me comfort, happiness and peace whenever I think about it. Food.
 I'm not just talking comfort foods that coat your mouth with greasy goodness or fill your belly with carby comfort (seriously my literary devices are on fire!) for me food is more than that.

Like music is an escape for some, food is my escape. Others may seek comfort in a favourite well worn book, or feel a sense of joy when they pick up a pencil and draw (I must say I can relate to all of these too) but the one thing on this planet that brings me the most joy and excitement and comfort, can be summed up in one word. Food.
Food has taught me that no one body is the same. Everyone needs different amounts, different types and different amounts of these types of food. From a young age I could relate my tired and bloated and most of the time sore belly to the food I was eating. As a kid my snack of choice was a big carrot to munch on, or a banana.
Food taught me that it can be produced and collected in two ways- right and wrong. It pushed me to stop eating meat because most supermarkets were selling the wrong kind- the kind that were stripped of any animal right, and packaged up nice and tight to hide the iniquity.
Food taught me that certain foods can make me feel great. Fresh fruit and veg, minimally processed grains, healthy fats, good protein sources. Food and I reunited once again into a loving relationship after failing me and leaving me fatigued and sick. Food gave me strength, healthy skin, energy, strong hair and nails, concentration and my internal, almost forgotten, sunshine.
Food taught me to listen to my body and to act upon it. To understand when I was eating the wrong things and when I was eating the right. Some foods gave me pain. Others gave me strength. I stuck to the stuff that made me stronger.
Food taught me that others might judge. How much, how often and what you're eating, people will question. Girl's will sneer and tease at the food that makes me feel good. People will drop their jaws in shock when I tell them what I choose to eat and what I don't. Questions will fly as to whether I'm getting enough protein/ iron/ vitamin B12.
Food gave me creativity, challenges purpose and a sense of pride. Never have I wanted achieve so much. Food kick started my determination to succeed and flourished my talents for others to see.
 Food consumed my unconscious, my waking mind, my habitual day dreams and spread warmth throughout my body. When times got tough I'd think of food. I'd create food. I'd bake and write and imagine future creations. Consequently my stresses and worries would be soothed away by the whir of my beaters, by the folding of my batter.
Above all else, food showed me what I am capable of. The things I create, the recipes I've devoured and challenged myself to produce, the blog that I write.

Food has given me a direction for my life and for that I am thankful. Good job food. You're awesome.

What about you?
Does food do the same thing for you? Does something else in your life?
Do you bake when you're stressed?
Craziest food creation you've ever made!

This is just me Thinking Out Loud! Be sure to head on over to Spoons to check out what everyone else is thinking about this awesome Thursday!


  1. Baking is seriously one of the best forms of stress relief... especially when you can enjoy the fruits of your labour ;) And I'm seriously thankful every day how much my relationship with food has improved, because let's face it... no food means no energy, and no energy means no chance to enjoy this beautiful thing we call life.

  2. I am not a great baker, but I wish I was, but I do love to cook and yes, it totally relieves stress. I do love the when people ask how vegans and vegetarians get protein, as if meat is the only source. Pssht. :)

  3. Amanda and Erin.
    I'm glad you guys agree that cooking can be such a stress reliever- although I guess it does depend on the person... some of my friends would completely disagree!
    Amanda- such a good point about the food+energy= enjoying life- perfect way to put it!
    Erin- one of my biggest pet peeves= people asking me where I get my protein from... grr
    Steph 2 chef xx


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