Sunday, 22 February 2015

A bit of this and a bit of that

How many of you stand with your hand on the fridge door, eyes glued on the inside of that same fridge, swinging a leg or shifting about willing inspiration to pop out at you.
This happens to me daily.

When it's a school morning I can't really afford to spend too much time doing this riveting activity and need to make a decision about what to make quick-fast. Which generally translates into a salad with something that can be microwaved to add flavour and protein (enter veggie burger or tofu or veggie sausages... even eggs can be microwaved people!)
I think I need one of these!!

But you already know all about my packed lunches. How about the weekend? The time spent in front of that fridge is significantly greater and generally the outcomes are significantly better. That's good, I guess!

Before you get too excited though, the weekends never really feature one complete meal. You know what I mean. Snack plates have taken over people!
This magnificent feast of random was an oven roasted sweet potato (I microwave my fork-poked sweet potato for 3 mins then oven bake at 180 degrees celsius for 30 mins) some oven roasted broccoli (steamed slightly first and then chucked in the oven) and a salad of spinach, peas, corn and a torn up lentil burger.
This guy was sort of more of a dessert, riddled generously with blobs of cashew butter and slowly enjoyed because it was just. that. good.
I love keeping the skin on- the chew factor really adds something!

Generally my snack plates involve popcorn. Because it is the soul reason for my existence. Basically.
Here we have some oven-roasted chippies (1 medium potato cut into fries, drizzled with olive oil and roasted at 180 degrees celsius for 30 mins) popped popcorn (plain popcorn kernels popped in a bowl with a lid in the microwave for 2:30mins) and a salad with chopped kale, tomatoes, cucumber, carrot, capsicum and spiced oven roasted beans (white beans rubbed with cumin and paprika and roasted in oven for 15 mins)
Such a good salad!
Sometimes I'm just feeling the regular good ol' potato- always a favourite!
And popcorn. Enough said.
So there's sweet potato fries. Then there's white potato fries. And then? Butternut squash fries!!
I love butternut squash fries- cut em' up, drizzle with oil and roast for 30 mins= happiness. With a side of spinach, capsicum, tomatoes, bean balls, hommus and some roasted brussels (mmm roasted brussels sprouts). There may have been something else too...
Look I made a fork kebab:
It's probably my crazy, illogical, creative, messy side that takes over when I make snack plates. See, none of the different items on the plate really go together but are all favourites of mine separately. So I fling together a salad and popcorn and fries and veggie burgers and nut butters and chips (mainly tortilla chips) and roasted greens and peas and anything else and call it lunch. Why not?

I used to hate having to come up with ideas for lunch. Now I just grab and create. :)

Tell me:
What is your go-to lunch on the weekend?
Do you ever have snack plates?
What would be on your ultimate snack plate? Mine would feature a baked sweet potato with nut butter (preferably almond) some brown rice crackers and hommus, popcorn, roasted brussels sprouts, dried fruit and maybe some pomegranate seeds. Yum.

The key to a good snack plate is to not go overboard on just one item (except if it's popcorn) little bits of everything make it so much better.

And with those prodigious words of wisdom I leave you! Have a fantabulous day and don't be afraid to make a lunch that is super weird and crazy- you'll love it! Bye!! :D

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