Wednesday, 4 February 2015

WIAW # 42 First day back!

Hi everyone! Once again Happy Wednesday!! Geez these weeks fly by!
I'm back to school now so I thought for this WIAW I would share with you the entirety of my meals from Monday (The first day back at school and also my birthday ;)

So I got up nice and early, did some nice Purely Twin's workouts, had a nice little breakfast creation in the kitchen and then realised I also had to make lunch- oops! So I started scrambling around like a headless chicken trying to throw something together that was quick and would fill me!
 After randomly chopping veggies and draining beans like a mad thing I got to enjoy my loveley (and extremely filling!!) breakfast.
 Raw cacao muesli balls with a creamy banana mango green smoothie :)
 This awesome jar I got for my birthday is pink, which is why the awesomely fluoro colour of my smoothie looks kinda strange... but it was good stuff! (I especially love how the jar has a handle!) Follow my creamy green smoothie if you want a cup/jar/bucket of this for brekky too!
 The choc muesli balls were similar to these except I used coconut butter in place of the almond butter.
 Oooh look, I did take a picture of the vibrant green-ness that was my smoothie!
 Seriously I was still full from this meal at around 4pm that day.

 Snack: Unpictured Peas!
My morning snack was a small pot of peas, I wasn't too hungry but I need to be able to concentrate through my classes- year 11 is getting tough guys! (Which reminds me- I have home work I should be doing!!)

My quick throw-together lunch was this salad thing that had chopped carrot, beetroot, cucumber, cannelini beans, spinach, capsicum, celery and sweet potato noodles (yep sweet potato noodles! Tasted almost exactly the same as rice noodles but hey, I like rice noodles!))
So I wasn't too hungry again, but I love veggies so much that I enjoyed every last bite :)
And I really just loved eating the sweet potato noodles ;)

For a snack when I got home (and got stuck into more work) I had some watermelon, (so good!) a cut up apple and some soy milk:
Seriously watermelon, why do you taste so good?

The hunger had returned slightly for dinner so I whipped up a delicious plate of veggies and carbs and... deliciousness!

A toasted wrap with a side of the leftover filling:
In the wrap was some oven roasted veg (tomato, eggplant, zucchini, asparagus, mushrooms- all sauteed in some olive oil and garlic, and some steamed pumpkin, fresh spinach, hommus and chili tofu- wrapped up in a wholemeal wrap and toasted in a sandwich press= yummy!
Finished off the day with a small handful of raw mixed nuts. Happy days.

Your turn:
What did/ do you pack for lunch when you were/ are at school? Primary school lunches for me were Vegemite sandwiches and a muffin/ cookie- times have changed!
Do you ever have really filling breakfasts? I kind of don't like not being hungry at meal times!
Ever tried sweet potato noodles? Or- favourite type of noodles?

Thanks to Peas and Crayons for this awesome link-up and definitely go over and check out what everyone else has been eating on this fine Wednesday!

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