Wednesday, 11 February 2015

WIAW #43

Hi everyone! I am bogged down with homework, so we're gonna keep this post short and sweet- just like me!
It's Wednesday! I ate food!  Bring on the WIAW party!!
Breakfast: 7:15 am 
I didn't run on this particular morning, so had plenty of time to make me some steel cut blueberry oats!
 Steel cut oats + 1 chopped banana+ handful blueberries +sprinkle of chia seeds + almond milk+ water+ blueberries- bubbled away on the stove for 15 mins, left to cool slightly and then stirred in with some greek yoghurt:
 Dolloped artistically with crunchy peanut butter!
 P.S. do you like my new bowl? It's the perfect size for food photography- my food doesn't get lost in it!
 Makes it taste better too. Probably.
 Oh hello there Mr Blueberry!

Snack: 11:00am
A lovely pot of peas. No picture, imagination required.
Lunch: 1:40pm- yes, really!
 Prepped along with breakfast- roasted white sweet potatoes and regular potatoes (in coconut oil for 45 mins at 180 degrees celsius) with a torn up veggie burger, spinach, capsicum and corn:
 Yummm! Love me some white sweet potato! (aka-nature's candy)

Snack: 4:00pm
 A chopped granny smith apple with a side of kiwi-fruit (that skin stayed on baby!) with a glass of soy milk.
 I've never eaten kiwi-fruit with the skin on before but then I heard people saying they did and that they didn't notice it (didn't notice the fuzz?!?) so I gave it a try and they were right- it was pretty good and I didn't have to put in all the extra effort of peeling!

Dinner: 6:45pm
Was tired. Was full of homework exhaustion. Was hungry. Was food time:

 2 soft boiled eggs with spelt soldiers (vegemite and mashed avocado on one and hommus and mashed avocado on the other) and some roasted veggies:
 Roasted mixed tomato medley, brussels sprouts, broccoli, mushrooms, eggplant and zucchini- rubbed with cayenne pepper, paprika, black pepper and garlic and roasted for about 30 mins at 180 degrees celius= happy days!
 What about you:
Do you like having small bowls so your food looks pretty?
Nature's candy- what food is it for you?
Favourite way to eat eggs? Also what did you put on your soldiers? Just butter?

That's that! Now back to work! Bye! :D

Check out Peas and Crayons for more eats!!


  1. I love your blog! Just happened upon it and fell in love! Where did you get your cute spoon? How do you do you soft boil your eggs? And what greek yogurt (brand) is your fave?

  2. Your breakfast bowl looks exactly like something I'd have!

    I have so many bowls of all different shapes and sizes because I'm so fussy about how food looks whenever I photograph a recipe for the blog, haha.

  3. Heather,
    I'm so glad you stopped by and liked what you saw!! It makes my day to see comments like that! Now, onto your questions- Cute spoons from... not sure, probably target, soft boiled eggs- placed into boiled water (from jug) then turn gas on and boiled for around 4 minutes, fav greek yoghurt brand is Tasmanian Tamar Valley dairy or Chobani!

  4. Kristy,
    Thanks for your comment! I am definitely starting to get a collection of bowls!!


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