Tuesday, 7 January 2014



vegan pretzels
breakfast pizzert

* Means vegan (so far, everything is vegan :)
Breakfast parfaits- berry and mango*
The ultimate veggie burger!Vegan pretzels- FAVOURITE*
Breakfast Trio Cupcakes*
Banana mango ice cream smoothie*
The Breakfast Pizza*
Apple pie oatmeal*
Chocolate oatmeal bowl* 
Oats in a jar
apple pie oatmealBlueberry Microwave Muffin *
Bright pink barley 'oatmeal'* 
Mini pumpkin doughnuts! * 
Apple oatmeal balls* 
Breakfast Trio Pancakes 
Dough Boy Smoothie* 
Chewy breakfast cookies*
Choc/ Raspberry Waffles* 
Breakfast ice-cream* 
Creamy Green Smoothie* 
Chocolate banana bread doughnuts* 
Baked pancake- carrot cake/apple crumble* 
Breakfast Sundae*
Not just a bowl of cereal* 
Brekky mugs* 
Glazed pumpkin cinnamon scrolls* 
Fudgy weet-bix truffles* 
Oatmeal pizza* 
Chocolate pancakes with berry ice-cream* 
Lemon blueberry doughnuts* 
Breakfast Pumpkin Soup*
Creamy green ice-cream* 
Overnight oats ice cream* 
Tuity Fruity Breakfast Smoothie* 
Muesli Pancakes*
Thick chocolate green monster smoothie*
Banana bread microwave muffin*
Vanilla pancakes*
Grapefruit smoothie* 
Jam filled pumpkin bars*
muesli cookies with chocolate milkshake* 
Chocolate banana waffles*
Apple ringed muesli pancakes*
PB+J oatmeal* 
Baked chocolate oatmeal with coconut glaze* 
banana yogurt ice creams
Chocolate chip banana pancakes* 
Baked rhubarb oatmeal* 
Rhubarb crumble*
Chocolate cheesecake ice cream*
Cinnamon cake in a mug*
Vanilla cheesecake smoothie 
Berry dough boy smoothie*
Orange and poppy seed oat bran* 
 Main Meals:

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