Monday, 27 January 2014


My creativeness for recipes and combinations doesn't always come straight from the top of my head, sometimes it takes a little help from the blogging community to find awesomeness. So  I thought I'd share you with you some of my favourite pages I have found...

The first page you should look at is this one. If you like oatmeal, then you will love Kath's tribute to oatmeal! There are so many recipes and I want to make them all!

And while your at Kath Eats Real Food, check out this recipe! You will not be disappointed!

If weird combinations are what your looking for, this might be the recipe for you! Peanut Butter Boy is a genius!

In the mood for some french toast ( made awesome!)  click here and here.
Hungry? Make. This. Now!
Want to make an awesome pizza? Click here!

Some links away from food:
I came across this diet on a blog and it just makes so much sense to me!
The Volumetrics Diet:
I found this post to be a real eye opener.
This post is a must read!
And last but not least, this post is one I truly believe in.

So there you have it, a list of stuff I have found interesting recently that I hope you will too!
Now I shall leave you with my very own weird combination, no help needed from other bloggers, it was common sense really!

I really felt like Vegemite on toast, but I also really wanted a smoothie (What?) so I decided to have both :)

Mmm, yummy!
I took a bite:
I had a scoop:
And it suddenly all made sense to me:

I hope everyone has an awesome day- my challenge to you is to try the weirdest flavour combination you can come up with... I mean Vegemite and smoothie- come on!

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