Saturday, 4 January 2014


Hi There,
My name is Steph, an ordinary 16 year old, with an extraordinary passion for food. Yes, eating food is great, but especially the cooking, creating and imagining that comes with it.
 Inspiration, helpfulness, sharing is caring... bored-ness and a mission to take over the world, are all reasons I decided to start this blog. Probably the last two more than anything (just kidding). 

 I'm a vegetarian, who also steers clear of dairy and sugar, but doesn't let that affect my life at all- if I want ice-cream, I shall have it! (with a few alterations:))
My diet for the first year of my vego life included the major food groups:
pasta, beans, cheese and frozen soy products. Tasty.

I was only 12, but really that's no excuse. The wake up call came when I went to a dietician and she told me to take a break from dairy, wheat and sugar. my first response, similar to my friends and family, was 'what do I eat now?'
today, pretty much a year after that question bubbled up in my brain, my biggest question is 'How am I going to decide what to have today... too much choice!'
Over the past year or so, I've also found my love for endurance running... which also adds to my already hangry being. :)
 My voyage into this Healthy Living Community (that I have seriously grown to love!) has had a huge impact on my life and my health and even steered me into the direction to study nutrition at university... which means working hard in my final years at school- which does not mean hours of sitting down, oh no!
I have this thing with sitting... so instead I stand :)

If you do come across my blog (as I'm guessing you are if you are reading this ;), feel free to leave a comment, say hi... and I hope you join me on my journey to creating the most delicious food ever. Not most delicious vegetarian food. Delicious food full stop!

Feel free to contact me with any questions, thoughts or ideas at You can also find From Steph to Chef on Instagram; @steph2chef

Well that's it for now! Bye :)


  1. Looking forward to more great tips!

  2. What an inspiring post. What's for lunch?

  3. what a great idea.. i will follow this with interest...thanks!!

  4. Wow I really like this it is so good

  5. Wow it looks amazing Steph, very good. Will definitely try your recipes!

  6. This is soooooooo good! You are going to have to cook for me everyday ;) It looks delicious and it's healthy. And the plate with the Vegie Toasted Sandwich is looking pretty snazzy :) Keep it up! xxx

  7. Stephanie I am most impressed. As a vegan I often get asked what I eat. I think a veg*n diet is by far more exciting. We learn to be inventive, to really explore all our options. And I truly believe it tastes better. For me personally - the fact that I am eating compassionately makes the food taste sweeter. Go you!!! One day I will be say, "I used to babysit that famous chef!" Asta x

  8. Hi Steph
    Excellent blog so far :) Would love the vege pattie recipe. Looking forward to further posts.
    Cheers, Terese xo

  9. Such a great idea Steph, it looks really yummy! Can't wait to see more.

  10. Hi Stephanie!

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  11. Thanks Julia!
    I sent you an email with my favourite (and the best restaurants) and also a bit about the blog :)

  12. I sure wish you had an email I could contact you at!

  13. Good idea! I will add it to my about me page! Thanks Linda :)


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