Sunday, 6 July 2014

Hi my name is Steph...

Hi my name is Steph and I love... cooking!
'Hi Steph.'
Ok, ok you all know that about me.. I mean I write a food/cooking blog! However, it may surprise you.. but I do have other hobbies that make me, me. Yes I am first and foremost referred to as 'Steph, the one who loves to cook!' or by my friends as 'Steph the one who doesn't eat doughnuts, or chips and instead brings fruit with her everywhere she goes'

I also love to bake. (um.. that's cooking!) I love to bake desserts (not healthified versions) that don't show up on this blog. For instance last Christmas I gave myself the ginormous challenge of making Zumbo's famous gingerbread house!

It took me about 2 full days.
I also bake really simple fun things:
Halloween cookies:
Choc chip cupcakes filled with choc chip cookie dough, with buttercream frosting and a mini choc chip cookie:
 I sort of combined the next hobbie into one..
I love playing the flute (and recently the saxophone) and also photography:

Yes, that is my flute and my mad photography skillz!
Lastly I love to draw.
This is my drawing of Emma Watson:
So now you can see there's more to me than cookies and smoothies.
Speaking of smoothies, who wants a simple and delicious recipe! :)
Frozen grape + peanut butter smoothie:
All you do is freeze about 15 black grapes (or any grapes- black for the colour) the night before and then whaz it up with 1/12 a banana (use the other half and make cookies or crepes!) 1 big tablespoon of peanut butter and some milk (I used oat milk and about 11/2 cups)

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