Friday, 18 July 2014

Secret project revealed!

You may have remembered in this post I talked about working on a secret project that I would reveal to you on a later date. Well today is that later date!
First of all though, I needed a good hearty breakfast to help me power through! (the whole 9 hours it took me! I did not do it all in one day:) And you know the bestest, heartiest breakfast always feature a little...
Super-duper green smoothie (1 frozen banana + a handful of frozen mango +kale+ spinach+ rice and soy milk)
and.... a cup of extremely chocolate steel cut oats:)
1/3 cup steel cut oats+ 1 scoop choc protein powder + 1 tablespoon raw cacao + dash of cinnamon + 1 cup (maybe more) milk of choice.
Bubble away for 20 mins (add milk if neccessary) then sit for another 10.
Then.. stir in some coconut butter for good measure:

Now onto the project!
Initially I wanted to do a chalk board wall, but then I found a poster I had made ages ago and decided to wall-ify it...
 It's my little motivational wall now :)
So colourful.. perfect!
After a job well done I celebrated with PIZZA!
What kind of pizza? Well, there was pumpkin involved:
Which formed into dough:
Yes it's my famous pumpkin pizza dough!
Recipe for the dough is linked above. Then I topped it with-you guessed it- pesto ;)
Walnut and spinach this time.
I also topped it with some black olives, mushrooms, dried tomatoes, sliced tomato, capsicum, beetroot and vegan cheese:
And after 45 mins of resting the dough:
I punched it down, rolled it out and topped it off!
Placed in an oven at 180 degrees for about 30 mins:
And gobbled up:)

I hope you like my art (both with my wall and my food) and have a great weekend! :D

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