Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Lunch at the Raw Kitchen- Fremantle

Yesterday was a pretty fabulous day! Primarily because I got to experience the awesomeness that is the Raw Kitchen in Fremantle (we don't live very close to Freo, so this was a pretty big deal)
You see in Kallaroo (the area I live in) we don't have any vegan/raw/ anything other than fast food joints really, we definitely don't have wholefoods or any other cool place I'm always seeing on all of the American foodie blogs!
Anywho.. back to the point... yesterday mum and I braved the busy streets and winding roads and annoying tom tom to find this awesome warehouse.
It was soo cool, huge, different recycled stuff everywhere, there were even those big shipping boxes cut in half to create a little sitting area!
There was a smoothie bar, a little shop, a takeaway area in the middle and seating all around. Pretty much all the drinks came in jars!
I love it when I can go to a restaurant and be stuck for choice! (I've have never been in that situation before)

After deliberating for a looong time I finally decided on the raw nachos with guacamole, walnut mince and cashew sour cream. I also got a ginger kombucha (something I constantly see on American blogs)

It was pretty much ginger beer! (my favourite soft drink ever that I haven't had in over a year!)

Happy Steph

Mum got the raw pizza with salad
 I hated it:
After a fabulous lunch we stopped over at their little shop (maca powder, raw food bars, banana flour?) and I bought this:

My smoothies are gonna look fab (and smoothies always taste better in glass)
So all in all... it was AWESOME! I just wish it ws closer to home so I could get a job there #perfectjob
This morning I made a smoothie! (surprise)
It was soooo yummy:
One chopped frozen banana + 1 tablespoon peanut butter + 1 scoop vanilla protein powder + 3 spoons of greek yoghurt + sprinkle of chia seeds + 1 cup oat milk = vanilla cheesecake smoothie!
I also made some plain steel cut oats sprinkled with cinnamon:

Seriously try this smoothie- you won't be disappointed!

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