Friday, 4 July 2014

Kitchen fail!

I like keeping things real on this blog which, along with sharing all the good stuff... I also include the bad. Like today's breakfast experiment...
Now, I wanted to make coconut donuts... but they didn't quite work out. A number of things ran through my head:

But then I knew...

So as my hunger began getting the better of me- instead of starting again (I will try another day) I went with something I knew would work:
Coconut granola on top of blueberry yoghurt topped with grapes then some mango yoghurt and some more coconut granola:

The colours work quite well together! And it took about 10 mins to put together :)
Now for some winning meals!
Pasta is always a winner for me:) This was roasted sweet potato, potato, parsnip and tomatoes mixed with brown rice penne, vegan cheese, spinach, lentils and peas!

Then dinner... my creative pants snuck on again. I was hungry. I was craving... something. I didn't know what it was.
Enter dinner:
What is that Steph?
Well, my friends it is a quiche topped with Mexican chilli popcorn of course!
I steamed some pumpkin, carrot and beetroot. Then I toasted some pine nuts. I chopped a few mushrooms and sundried tomato strips and chopped up a bit of chili tofu. Mixed it altogether with 2 whisked eggs and pour into small ramekin!
Don't forget to pop some popcorn:
 Stop lying to everyone Steph.. you made way too much!
Add some seasoning (I used a Mexican chili spice blend)
Place the quiche in the oven for 10 mins, take out and top with popcorn, then bake for a further 15-20 mins until set. It was surprisingly tasty!

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