Sunday, 20 July 2014

Mean green fighting machine!

Yesterday I almost turned into something green...
It was quite scary.
You see, yesterday I ate quite a lot of green food, without realising and now, looking back at the pictures- oh my!
I'm just kidding! I love it when my eats turn out super green and super yummy wihtout any concious thought!
Take breakfast for example. I know you were all dying to find out what I did with my almost empty jar of peanut butter...
Overnight oats! And what's that sneaking into the shot?
A super duper green smoothie!
This was a new one I tired. See, I had bought some vanilla beans to make profiteroles filled with creme patissiere today and figured I might use one of the vanilla pods (seeds scraped) in my smoothie. So into the blender went 1 chopped frozen banana, 3 large scoops of greek yoghurt, a huge handful of spinach, a dash of cinnamon, some chia seeds and about 1/4 of the seeds scraped from the pod.. yum!
Wow, there is a lot of random stuff lurking around on our bench!
Lunch wasn't overly green, but it did have some!
I went to make a wrap using my mega-huge whole grain wraps, but unfortunately came to the conclusion that when wraps turn green, they might not be so healthy any more :) So i had to go with 2 medium sized whole grain wraps to satisfy my hunger :)
How did I sneak greens into this?
With spinach and avocado of course! There was also hommus, mashed sweet potato and pumpkin, a taco quorn mince thingy I made and some medium salsa. Wrapped and toasted. And devoured:
 Nom, nom
For an afternoon snack I had a green apple with some soy milk:
And for dinner, a random veggie-filled salad... it was super green!
 What was thrown into it? Some rainbow chard (I chose a yellow veined leaf) steamed then roasted brussels sprouts and okra, sauteed eggplant, mushrooms and zucchini, roasted medley tomatoes, steamed peas, drained and rinsed canelini beans and never-before-tried roasted chestnuts!
The chestnuts were super yummy! I simply split their shell with a cross using a sharp knife and roasted them for 20 mins at 200 degrees celsisu, then peeled off the hard outer shell and crumpled into the salad! Yum!

So as you can see, everything I ate yesterday was pretty green! I think I have to make up for it on the orange veggie side, so I can get back my orange-itis!
Have a great Monday everyone! :D
 Looking back at all those yummy eats, mine certainly was Marvelous!

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