Tuesday, 15 July 2014

WIAW #14

The weeks fly by don't they? Here I am once more with another WIAW, linking up with Peas and Crayons!
As usual, this is a WIAT post for me as it's pretty hard to get to the link-up in time with the Australian/American time differences, so I document Tuesdays eats!
Here we go!
Featured the biggest, yummiest green smoothie ever!
It was really my favourite tropical dough boy smoothie (inspired by Kath Eats) I just added a few extra things:
1 chopped frozen banana, 1 handful frozen mango chunks, 1 cup rice milk, 1 handful kale, 1 handful spinach, 1 serving of overnight oats, (1/2 cup muesli+3/4 cup milk) a spoonful of peanut butter and a small dash of cinnamon.... whaz!

I couldn't fit it all in my jar ;)
I simple couldn't go past my home baked spelt/rye bread sitting on the counter staring at me, so I made a sandwich:
Spread with hommus, topped with a grilled lentil burger, salsa, spinach, grated carrot, tomato slices, capsicum and avocado, topped off with another hommus-y piece of bread :)
People often ask me if I have a big appetite. My reply is always no.
I have a huge appetite :)
A nectarine with some soy milk
My camera appeared to be more interested in my soy milk and straw than the fruit!
I made a delicious roast veggie, mixed bean and nut salad :)
It had roasted heirloom carrots, sweet potato, potato, pumpkin, swede, beetroot and in the last 15 mins some vine ripened tomatoes. Simply drizzled in olive oil and baked at 180 degrees celsius for 45 mins.
Then mixed with some massaged kale (I simply rubbed the kale so it was softer) some drained and rinsed chickpeas and red kidney beans (they were sitting in my fridge doing nothing) and some chopped mixed raw nuts:
There you go, another full day of colourful, delicious eats. Interested in what others are noming on? Head on over to the link-up later on and see!
Have a great Wednesday everyone! :D

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