Wednesday, 2 July 2014

wiaw #12

Howdy folks! Is it Wednesday already? I can't even believe it! Time flies when you're... at school :)
Well, here I am with another What I ate Wednesday, joining up with the link-up from Peas and Crayons- check it out to see what everyone else has been nom-ing :)

Now onto the yums:
Berry, banana, coconut oat bran:
 It was simply 1/3 cup oat bran + a sprinkle of chia seeds + 1 tablespoon coconut butter + one thinly sliced banana + a cup of mixed frozen berries. And of course some almond milk (about 1-2 cups- depending on desired thickness)
Placed on the stove until bubbling- then stir vigorously until banana disappears and the thickness is to your liking (I don't like mine too thick)
Sprinkle with extra coconut butter (It's winter in Aus, so the coconut butter is rock solid!)
I just wanted to add this in... look what happened when I chose the banana I wanted to use:
I did not touch the remaining bananas- oh the awesomeness of life!
I also wanted to share yesterdays breakfast (What! That's not What you ate Wednesday!) because... it was yummy!
Based off this recipe -try it!
A creamy, chocolatey, thick green smoothie!

Early morning phots don't do it justice- t'was good though!
Most of my school lunches look quite similar:

From top to bottom- quinoa+raw veggies+ garlic tofu
                                  lentils+ best veggie sausage+ pumpkin and other veggies
                                  Brown rice+raw veggies+ torn up curry veggie burger
I like my salads at school. Vegemite sandwiches are soo yesterday ;) (I'm not knocking the vegemite sandwich- it will always remain a childhood fav!)

You ready for this?
 BOOM! Fruit and soy milk! Didn't see that one coming did you? (Ok, I'm predictable..)
Some roasted veggies:
Drizzled with olive oil and thyme on the potatoes..
Then I made a pea puree:
Lots of steamed peas plus 2 spoons of greek yoghurt whazzed.
Also 2 poached eggs..
Looks weird.. tasted good!
And there you have it- What I ate Wednesday (plus some other days) Hope you enjoyed and don't forget to check out Peas and Crayons for more eats, treats and even more deliciousness!


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