Monday, 8 September 2014

Five Foods

Welcome friendly friends back to my 10-day-you challenge, where once a week I work through these 10 topics:
And we are now up to... five foods! (YAY!/ FINALLY!)

This was hard guys. I love food. Pretty much all food (foods- not processed unidentifiables)
However I think I've got my top 5.
Here we go!
Coming in at number 5 is
5. Bread. I. Love. Bread. I do not like the plastic, sugary white bread. I love real, freshly baked bread. The smell, the feel... THE TASTE! I like wholegrain bread, baguette, panini, sour dough, rye, spelt, banana bread, flat bread, rolls, you name it, I'll probably like it!
 After being wheat free for a bit over a year, I've come to appreciate all the different kinds of breads that don't contain wheat. I didn't really like the gluten-free grocery store versions (my sandwiches were much to big for those little slices), but home made spelt breads and rye breads are absolutely just as drool-worthy as regular wheat breads.
4. Next on my top 5 foods is of course...
 You know it, I know it, we all know I have a pesto obsession. So it's no surprise this is a favourite.
What you might not have known was that I used to detest pesto. Luckily my taste buds changed (as they did towards mushrooms and avocado and tofu etc.) and the world is right again:
I've literally put pesto on everything.
3. PIZZA! You also may have guessed that I have an obsession with all things pizza. Especially with pesto on top :) Pizza has always been a childhood favourite of mine and after a few reinventions, my home made pizza is to die for!

 (All these recipes can be found on my main meals recipe page)
2. Bananas. Guys, it was so hard to pick between my top 2. I eat a banana a day- I think it also keeps the doctor away- I also really love them! They're so versatile. I melt them into oats, freeze them into ice cream, whaz them into smoothies and eat them raw. Bananas are probably the one food I could eat daily and never get sick of :)

And finally... drum roll please...
Coming in at number 1:
1. Nut butterandchocolate!  Sure that's one word!
Yes. I cheated. But guys, come on, you can't separate nut butter and chocolate! :D
And there's my top five six foods!

What would make your list?
Catch ya later :D

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