Thursday, 25 September 2014

Thinking Out Loud

Hi super-awesomeley-awesome friends!
I got bored of saying; 'Hi friends!' So I mixed it up a little!
And with that nice little random intro I think we should get straight into some Thinking Out Loud! Thanks to Spoons for the link-up!

1. I was watching friends the other day and it was 'The one with the birth mother.' Any-who that's irrelevant because it was this part that just had me cracking up:
Then I was like, you know what? That's me! I have this thing with sharing my food with others. I can share other stuff- pens, clothes, advice... but when it comes to food, I'm really selfish! However, this picture exists, so I think my response is justified:
2. On the topic of English (yes we are talking about the English language.. sort of- well there isn't a we in food!) doesn't this just make you want to scream at whoever created the English language?
Actually it makes me want to just say it one day during English class and see if anyone notices :)

3. With the confusion of English now on my brain, I can't help but ask; Why do essays exist? Who created them and why has it now become the means of passing English? I find essays pretty hard and I always feel like I'm rambling (can you believe it? ;)
I do love maths though... but how's this for irony:
4. Now, on the topic of maths.. (I'm full of good topics) I got sent out of my math class the other day. Ooooh, what did I dooooo?
Well, let's just say it started like this:
 And ended up in a full blown coughing fit :D

5. So to end my little rant about school:
Wow. Just wow
6. Because this is a food blog, I feel this post should have at least one mention of food. Remember when I said I thought I was allergic to dates... well I finally tried one!

Z-OH-MY-GOODNESS! They are like little caramels! I love them so much! (No I am not allergic!!!) Why have I lived so long without these stuffed in my mouth! Ahhh!

7. Why did I have dates on hand? Because I was making a super-duper healthy caramel slice for my sister with dates and soaked cashews etc. It smelled pretty good! If you told me 2 years ago that you could make super yummy caramel slice with a choc topping and biscuit-y base without butter, sugar or flour, I wouldn't have believed you. I love it!
8.Kabocha. I have no words.
 Dinner- steamed brocoli+salsa, roasted rosemary potatoes, boiled artichoke and roasted kabocha:)

 Well, actually I have many  words but none will accurately express how good this pumpkin is. My first bite was a surprise, I had never tasted a squah like this before. It's not water-y at all and tastes sort of like roasted chestnuts. Mmmmmm.

 I cooked up a whole lot of it as I'd seen other bloggers have just plain bowls of kabocha, but seriously, this vegetable/ fruit (I dunno) is so rich that I could only have about 3 chunks (so I had 4;) Luckily it made for the best cold salad topper for school the next day :)
With brown rice and a whole lotta other raw veggies:)

9. So I found this guy on youtube over the weekend...He is hilarious! I'm not sure if he's dead serious- but check out this video
 I absolutely love this guy- he just makes me smile :)

So with that happy thought I think I'll end this random brain dump here and let you all get back to your day :) Wanna see what everyone else is thinking? Head on over to Running With Spoons to check it out!
Bye for now fantabulously fabulous friends (ok, I'll stop) and hello school holidays for me! :D


  1. You tried dates! EEEEE! Aren't they the most amazing thing EVER?! I'm kind of crazy addicted to them and can't stop wanting to use them in... err... everything :D And I have no words about kabocha either... especially when you get one that's juuuust the perfect flaky texture.

  2. Why did no one tell me how absolutely amazing dates are! If I knew there was a natural soft caramel toffee out there I would have been on the that instantly! I really hope the supermarket I found them in keeps them in stock each week :)

  3. That Joey gif is like the motto of my life ; (

  4. I know right! I feel almost as passionately about food as Joey does!


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