Monday, 1 September 2014

Six places

It's that time again- a 10-day-you challenge day!
Today we're up to six places! Six places I want to go/ have been/ cherish/ frequent often/ SIX PLACES! :)
Lets get started shall we?

1. Singapore airport. Before you judge, have you ever been there before? It's one of the most beautiful places ever (man-made) It's filled with gigantic plants/ wall vines (kinda looks like a forest) beautiful sculptural things, fish that nibble at your feet, toilets that have sensor flushes... I mean come on! Also Singapore- especially at night!
We went around Christmas time:)

2. Paris
Paris is my number one favourite travel destination that I've been to in all of my 15 years on this planet. It's simply beautiful and I want need to return.

3. Paris Disney land
This goes for more than Paris- any Disney land for that matter (it is the happiest place on Earth after all) and also Movie worlds and universal studios as well.
My friend and I actually promised each other that we for our leavers we would go to all the Disney lands (yeh, we dream big) and meet all the characters :) I wouldn't be surprised if I ended up getting married at Disney land
See! Even Darth Vaders happy :)

4. In New Castle (Australia) at Christmas with the entirety of my family (I have around 20 cousins). It's just such a rare time and the vibe is so great. There are tables filled with food and more tables with long seat benches for us all to sit on (this is at my grandmothers house by the way- she also cooks all the food!)
Me and one of my many cousins doing a cart-wheel :)

5. Donelly River
It's a little village down south of Perth where the me and the family go in the holidays (usually winter/ spring) where you live in a little cottage (no tv/wi-fi/ modern kitchen appliances) where you can wake up in the morning, step out onto the verandah and feed some parrots on your hand, or find some kangaroos to feed. You can also turn on your ovens and toaster when it gets super cold as a heater :)
That be me and a friend when we were about 12-13
6. In my room in the early morning hours with the soft light of my lamp glowing and no body else even considering waking.
 So there's my list of six places :)

What would yours look like?
Disney land yay/ nay? (no just yay)

See ya later!


  1. I want to go to Paris so bad! I can't wait to travel the world with my kids.
    Ashley @

  2. I can't wait to simply travel again! I'm with you though- Paris is where I want to go!


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