Thursday, 18 September 2014

Thinking Out Loud- My life from the week

I thought for this Thinking Out Loud, I'd talk about my life's musings from the past week. Be warned it could get hectic, random or even utterly confusing- but thanks to Spoons, this kind of thinking is totally allowed! Let's get started shall we?
1. Allergies seemed to be the theme of the week for some reason. A few of my friends have allergies and coincidentally were having some tests done at the same time, so that's what I was hearing about for the week.
I don't even want to think about being allergic to nuts, instead I will be extremely grateful that I am not.
I do however think I am allergic to dates. I've never actually had one on their own, but I've had things with them in it and have felt quite nauseous afterwards. Remind me to try them alone one day- because they look pretty tasty.
2. After all that talk about dates, I got to thinking- 'What fruit are dates?' You know how sultanas are dried grapes and prunes are dried plums. Turns out dates are actually dried dates. So that doesn't help me in determining whether or not I'm allergic to them.

3.Speaking of things that bring me sadness...

Any one tried a foam roller? I'm sure there's lots of you. If you haven't, bless your beautifully loose muscles that you don't need it! Man does it kill! As part of my recovery from whatever it is preventing me from running (still) is rolling out my ITB's, quads and hamstrings. In my room, door closed, no one can hear my cries!

4. Something that would help me out here would be standing desks at school. I have extremely restless legs and the constant sitting that is school is torture slightly uncomfortable. How cool would it be though? I'm sure the majority of my peers would disagree, but maybe they could make it optional? :)
See, look how happy this lady is!
5. After googling standing desks, I got interested in what others things I could do standing. Obviously sleeping is a 'lying down for long periods of time' sort of thing... so...
6. You know how sometimes you just start thinking about things and go- who was the first person who would have thought to do that. Well, my guess is most of the amazing things we have today were mistakes. Like pan cakes and over night oats. The pan cakes didn't rise and instead became a delicious flat something or other and I reckon someone made a bowl of muesli, forgot about it and remembered in the morning, only to eat it and be pleasantly surprised!
7. So then I thought about some other things that someone must have been the first person to try....

Then I thought of oysters.
I mean who would crack open a shell only to find a slimy blob of glue and go, 'Mmmm, that looks yummy.'
Consequently I stopped thinking about these things.

(This space was left for a picture of an oyster- but they're just so gross to look at I couldn't do it)
Well, That's the contents of my brain dumped into a post for you!

What have you been thinking about?
Do you like oysters?
Standing or sitting?

Catch ya later! :D


  1. Lol at the oysters! I really have no idea, but I guess people will try anything once. And I'm actually allergic to nuts... Peanuts mostly, but I can get a reaction from the others as well. And yeah... it's kind of inconvenient, but you get used to it :P

  2. interesting (read: random) thought about me (a complete stranger to you) i love oysters but cannot stand anything else from the sea - no fish, seafood - nothing! that is weird right? I love dates on their own, i will feel sad for you if you are allergic to them. tasty little critters!

  3. That standing bed is hilarious!

  4. Hahah, thanks guys for your comments! Meg, I think it is a little strange that the only sea food you like is oysters.. but who am I to judge? :)
    Steph 2 chef x


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