Monday, 22 September 2014

The 'Norm'

Quick! What do you think of when I say party!
I'm sure there were a few of you who thought of dancing and having fun and games and friends. I'm also sure there were a lot of you who thought of this:
 Or if I say Sleepover?
First thing that pops to mind?
Anyone else noticing the pattern?

I fully understand and accept that these are fun foods associated with different occasions and I get that their enjoyable and an every-once-in-a-while indulgence for most people.
What I don't understand is why there's no alternative.

I've touched on this before- about being a teenage girl who eats healthy and is interested in nutrition whilst being surrounded by 'normal' teenage girls.It's hard. If we go to the movies I usually just have my water bottle with me. At a party? Bring my own dinner. Sleepover? Buzzed on a natural sugar high of dried fruit etc. I'm all about balance and not being obsessive over healthy eating (it can do more psychological damage than physical good) however, these foods actually make me feel physically ill. So I don't really have a choice.

And what happens when you turn up to a party with everyone holding a can of something and a slice of pizza and you take out a pre-packed roll or sushi... you're sort of automatically out-casted.

So what's my point? As a foodie I believe food should be a big and enjoyable part of our lives. It should make memories and should bring a smile to our faces when placed in front of us waiting to be devoured. I just don't think it should be crucial part to an outing that helps you fit in.
I thought I would share with you some examples from real life.
My lunches:

Wholemeal pesto pasta with steamed veggies and beans.
Black quinoa salad with sauteed capsicum, mushrooms, eggplant, zucchini, green beans and spinach.
Chili tofu, steamed sweet potato, carrot, tomato, alfalfa, steamed green beans and spinach

Every other person's lunch:
A sandwich
I have to admit, pizza places are getting pretty good at alternatives. At my friends party the other day there was a box of vegetarian pizza minus the cheese on a gluten free base and you couldn't tell the difference. So I was standing with everyone else eating my pizza too!

Wow, this was a bit of a lengthier post, but I think the take-home message is this:
Food should be a part of celebration and fun, but it shouldn't dictate the vibe, especially for hose who simply can't join in on the typical eats.

With food on the brain, I'm off to go and eat some breakfast- the belly beast is raging!



    1. That was me!! I'm famous now! :P haha. Love your posts Steph! Keep it up!! Love ya xxx


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