Sunday, 9 November 2014

My running routine

Hello wonderful people! How's it going?
It's Thursday and I'm in the mood for some thinking... out loud style!
This week I thought I would share with you my little running routine... because why not?
I'm really good at reasons why I do things.

Ok- let's go!

Somewhere between 5:00am- 6:00am I'll stir from my deep and dreamy slumber to awaken beautifully with a small yawn and stretch.
Ok, let's be real here.
Somewhere between 5:00am-6:00am I'll stir from my deep and dreamy slumber, do a big ol' stretch to get the juices flowing, shout a good morning to the world, laugh at myself and then spring out of bed!
After a few 100 sit ups (I love doing sit ups) my body is wide awake and I bound into the kitchen- this belly is ready for a little something!- and have some water and some dried fruit:
This particular day saw a date and a fig :) Notice how dark it is- indicator of earliness :)
With the hunger tamed enough for me to continue, I make my way to my room where I slip into my running gear and do some light stretching, a bit of rolling and a lot of dynamic stretching (so my legs are WIDE AWAKE!)
Simultaneously running down the stairs, I tie my hair back into some sort of pony tail and head out!
Lately I've been sticking to 15-20 min runs so my injury doesn't come back- I don't want to push myself too hard just yet.

Now, I'm a run-without-music runner because the pounding of my feet and the birds and other early morning sounds are so calming and therapeutic that added music pumping through my brain just isn't necessary. However when I first started running, I had to have something plugged into my ears or I'd just get bored. I think it was the school cross country team that changed me as we weren't aloud iPods in training.
After finishing my favourite route (don't know how far/ how many calories burned/ how long I'm gone... don't care) I run straight through the door, smile on my face and heart pumping.

I then begin walking around the house. Everywhere and anywhere. Up the stairs down the stairs in the kitchen, in the lounge room, round and round for about 10 mins. Then I do some more rolling, drink a fair bit of water and check emails/ blogs.
Energised, happy and ready to tackle the day!

Currently I don't run two days in a row (slowly building up) and so I cherish my runs even more now :)

How about you?
Are you a runner? I only found my love for running last year!
If not, what's your favourite past time? What clears your mind and relaxes you?
Do you like dried dates and figs? Only reason I ask is because I am completely obsessed with both!

Bye for now folks! :D

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