Monday, 10 November 2014


Quick question:
Would you rather be skinny or healthy?

Quite a number of you probably automatically, without thinking said healthy because as part of the healthy living community, that's what we endorse. I'm sure there was also a significant number- whether you acknowledged it or not- who said skinny.

Obviously the perfect scenario would be healthy and skinny but perfection is fairly rare.
I've rambled and raved on this before, here, here and here and you know what, I'm gonna do it again because it's a topic that seems to be on everyone's brain lately. (at least every girl at my school's brain) Being Skinny.
'I wish I looked like her!'
'My legs are tree trunks.'
'Why is she so lucky- she's so skinny!'
'I bet I'd be as skinny as her if I gave up food!'
'Ok, I'm starting the diet today.'
'I have so much flab.'
'Your gorgeous, I'm the fat one.'

Who said those things? A number of people, this is just a list of the common conversations I seem to be having with people all. the. time.
What do you say back to something like- 'You are so lucky to be that skinny, I wish I was like that.' Seriously, what do you say? I don't know- then everything just gets awkward!

Actually, I do know what I want to say though. I want to scream at the top of my lungs that being skinny doesn't make you healthy, it wont make you any happier and having an obsession with it along with a hatred of your own beautiful body will have more detrimental affects on your life than just being you.

You can't judge a persons health on their dress size.
You don't know if they eat fresh wholesome foods and skip the processed junk because they look like a model.
Health needs a different measuring system. Now.
You don't need me to tell you that people like this exist:

I think this is where the problem stems. The way you look (especially in teenager hood- hello fast metabolism and mandatory exercise in schools) can sometimes have no correlation to your lifestyle. In the long run, that statement is false of course... but do you think teenage girls are thinking about the long run? No, they're not.

 Think about how you felt the last time you ate a big take away dinner. Not while you were eating it (we all know that feeling's pretty good) but how you felt afterward. Were you bloated, had a stomach ache, felt sluggish and oily (you know the feeling). Compare that with the feeling you got after eating an apple (or other whole food). There's a difference right?

Think about how you think after vegetables have been removed from your life. (Sorry the pickles on that burger don't count as a serve of veggies!) Was your brain foggy? Was it hard to stay concentrated?

Think about your motivation and energy levels after a week of brown fried foods. Tired? Can't be bothered? Do it later?

Just stop and think for a minute.
Compare that to energy. To healthy digestion and a lighter feeling. A bouncy, wide awake-ness. A motivation to do things. A happiness that lifts you up and brightens not only your day, but everyone else's.

Compare it to health.

Notice how there was no mention of sizes/ shapes/ bodies. That doesn't come into it.
If you eat well and look after your body with exercise you enjoy doing than the body you have is the perfect body for you! That's it! Don't have a thigh gap- that's perfect for you! Have a bigger stomach than that girl next to you- that's perfect for you!

Do you see what I mean?
I don't diet. I don't exercise every minute of the day. I don't calorie count and I definitely don't deal with being hungry very well :) Yet I am constantly told I'm so skinny and lucky. I don't like it. I'm not being that whiny person with 10 billion first world problems. I truly don't see that statement (in the way it is presented) as a compliment. Id rather be told I have such bubbly energy and great focus and good stable energy levels, as they are the true traits of my health. Back when I was living off baked beans, cheese and pasta I was the same size but I was not the same person and I want that little fact acknowledge far above anything else.
Let's bring an end to Skinny= Healthy because it's just not true!

What about you? 
Do you agree with me? Disagree? Thoughts in general?

Phew, I feel good getting that off my chest!

See you guys next time! :D

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