Monday, 17 November 2014

Winners in dinners

Hi there! What's crack-a-lacking? Ok I'll stop with the Madagascar quotes :) and maybe start on this post...
Lunches may come in plastic containers full of deliciousness, but dinners appear on plates and bowls, full of even more deliciousness!
This past week I've wanted simple. I've wanted healthy. I've wanted veggie-filled. Most of all I've wanted YUM!
So that's what I made:
I was feeling the plain wholemeal pasta (does anyone else like plain jane pasta?) and decided some roast veggies would pair quite nicely with it. Also some added peas and spinach couldn't hurt, right?
I just like all the pretty colours in true honesty:)
Wednesday I was cr-aaaaaaving a veggie burger. Not so much the bun and lettuce and tomato sauce.. but the patty nonetheless! So I steamed up some pumpkin, parsnip, sweet potato, potato and swede along with roasting some broccoli and brussels sprouts, fried up a mild curry veggie patty and mixed it altogether with a few spoons of hommus on top for good measure:
Craving satisfied!
Thursday night being yoga night, means a dinner that's filling, fast and delicious... enter breakfast for dinner: (seeing as I don't actually eat stuff like this for brekky!)
  Wholemeal spelt toast, pumpkin seed whole wheat toast topped with vegemite, avocado and a poached egg with a side of baked beans and sauteed mushrooms atop spinach.
Can you tell there's two different breads? ;)
Pile it all on!
Of course I saved the best til last... the best being my favourite dinner ever.
Can you guess?

Clue #1 It involved pesto:
Clue #2 It involved vegan cheese:

Clue # 3 It was topped with steamed beetroot, parsnip and sweet potato, along with chopped red onion, capsicum, tomato, mushrooms and olives
Got it? Ok the last one may have been a bit of a throw off because I top my pizza with weird things.

Well, now you know what it is.

I didn't even show you clue #5 yet! Pumpkin pizza dough!

All rolled out and topped to the max!

Then baked to perfection (about 25 mins at 180 degrees celsius) and claiming the position of last weeks best dinner! :)
 Yum! I love doughy pizza! I mean thin crust... what's the point?
 Pizza makes me smile.

Talk to me!
What's your favourite dinner. Ever. ?
What was the best dinner you had last week?
What did you/ have you had for dinner today?

Bye for now folks! :D

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