Wednesday, 19 November 2014

WIAW #32

It's the age old question isn't it?
Perplexes us all.
Not to fear though, it's Wednesday! A day nice and centered in between everything! It also happenes to be WIAW! Woot! A day of food lovin' and sharing! Let's hop to it!
Thanks as always Peas and Crayons for this amazing link-up:)

After a dried fig and a dried date I set off at round 6:00am for a lovely long run before returning to make myself a delicious big bowl of green smoothie and almond butter granola:
The green smoothie was 1 chopped frozen banana + half a big juicy mango + 3 scoops greek yoghurt + 2 big handfuls (spinach and kale) + sprinkle of chia seeds + dash of almond milk- whazzed!
The awesome nutty granola on top was 1/2 cup muesli (plus some wholegrain cheerios) mixed with some milk and almond butter (which was slightly heated in the microwave) and baked at 180 degrees celsius for 15 mins:
Perfectly refreshing and unbelievably delicious!

For my snacky snack at 11:00am at school was PEAS! Love peas :)

Lunch: 1:40pm (thanks school!)
Yes, this is a recycled photo, but I forgot to snap a pic and it was quite similar. (except for quinoa and eggplant) It was a salad with capsicum, tomato and spinach etc. with two hard boiled eggs:

To keep me going at 4:00pm I cut up a granny smith apple, tossed on some grapes and washed it down with a glass of soy milk- happy Steph!
Why is fruit so yummy?
Same goes for soy milk- although it is a taste that had to grow on me.

At 6:45pm I sat down to this magnificent bowl of goodness:
Whole wheat pasta, steamed veggies (pumpkin, parsnip, sweet potato and swede) sauteed mushrooms and spinach, with some hommus and nutritional yeast stirred in for a delicious 'cheezy' sauce :)
Close up:
I was still a little hungry (yes, even after that big bowl!) I blame thank my run, so had a small handful of raw mixed nuts and then made my way upstairs, before running back down to grab my camera and snap a pic of the sky:
So pink and so lovely!

How about you?
What did you eat this Wednesday?
Is 1:40pm a ridiculous time for lunch or what?
Do you ever get blown away by magnificent sunsets/ rises? (I seriously have bucket loads of pics of sunsets on my memory card... I think I'll do a post on them later ;)

Don't forget to suss out what everyone else has been nom-ing over at Peas and Crayons!

Catch ya later! :D


  1. Your meals look absolutely amazing! I need to try that granola!

  2. Love all the green in your food, between the smoothie, the peas, the salad, and the granny smith apple. Looks like a great day. :)

  3. Kay,
    I do love green foods! Especially peas ;)
    Thanks so much for both of your comments!
    Steph 2 chef x


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