Thursday, 12 March 2015

America, why is your food not in Australia?

Hidy-ho folks. Today is Thursday and I believe that to be the day of Thinking Out Loud-ness! So for this Thinking Out Loud, I thought I would discuss a very serious and disturbing topic.

It is corrupt.

(*cough* thanks thesaurus)
It is the unfair and corruptness of American food versus Australian food.

Now I'm not talking about apples, oranges, McDonald's or chips.

Nope. Far worse. I'm talking about the veggies. The nut butters. The protein powders. The protein bars. The veggies (these get a second mention because I am truly passionate about this)The awesome stuff!

I know a lot of my readers are American and therefore a lot of my readers are some of the luckiest people ever. Yep, ever.

I've voiced my objections and complaints about the awesome kabocha squash and spaghetti squash before and yes, I am going to do it again!! Australia has been kind to me in the past and I have actually managed to try these two squashes once each. Is that really kindness, or torture? I know how good they are and I know I can't have them.
Everyone take a moment to appreciate the beauty of roasted kabocha
Then there's the nut butter. This one is less of an issue now that Australian grocery stores have finally realised that there are more nuts in the world than peanuts and therefore more nut butters out there than peanut butter but America still holds trumps over Aus on the wide variety and awesome concoctions of nut butters on their shelves.

Protein powder is a big one for me as the only ones in the big supermarkets are all animal based, save one brand- maybe. And America? Animal-based, plant based, unicorn poop based and every single flavour under the sun. That's right Australia- there are other flavours than chocolate and vanilla.
Yes, that is peanut butter flavoured protein powder. I know.
Want a bar in Australia. You will get a chewy, honey and sugar laden muesli bar coated in yoghurt or choc chips. Protein bars are rare and sort of mystifying to the general public as they come in metallic blue covers, appearing more like a wrapped up robot than a food item. I want to try a Larabar- they always look so good on American blogs, heated up so they're all gooey and delicious. Or a Kind bar, because they too look awesome.

Lastly Australia, why can you not have a Wholefoods? I am pretty sure my life would be complete once I stepped inside a Wholefoods supermarket. On that note, why not open more vegetarian/ vegan/ health food restaurants? It seems to me like there is one on every American corner and this would just make my eating-out situation that much better!
Look at all the beautiful pumpkins!!
Ok, so you may have guessed I was being a tad over-dramatic (hehe) but I do sometimes wish I was in America because of their awesome health food industry. Although Australia's got some good stuff too. Vegemtie being one (although many would disagree with me on that one) and Tim Tam's probably being our number one representative, Weet-bix coming in a close second and some other little things (like Cadbury chocolate- ok that's a big one, Milo and Uncle Toby's)

Also, I've started noticing more and more American-type products entering the shelves- more raw food bars, coconut water, sooo many different almond milks... things are getting good people! So really what this all means is, when I'm old enough to be living independently and trying to spend as little on grocery's as possible- all the awesome food stuffs will be there and send me broke. Happy Days.

What about you?
Do you live in America? Do you know how lucky you are?
If you live somewhere else- what's a food from your country that is awesome?
Any other Australian foodies out there who agree with me? Anything I've missed?

That's it for today folks! Again, this is just me Thinking Out Loud with the aid of Amanda from Running with Spoons' awesome link-up! Be sure to check out what everyone else is thinking about! Bye!! :D


  1. I'm always grateful to have a local Whole Foods but I guess I didn't realize how lucky we are to have the abundance of food choices that we have. Scarcity of nut butter? I can't even imagine it.

  2. I think I may take for granted the vast amount of variety I have to choose from when it comes to eating. If you ever find yourself in America again, definitely take hold of the multitude of Ben & Jerry’s flavors… we have so many!

  3. Jill and Julia,
    I'm glad I have given you this realisation of your luckiness when it comes to food! ;) Obviously I take a lot of things for granted too!
    Thanks for your comments- and Julia, our Ben and Jerry's (very new by the way) has about 10 flavours.... yep. Gah.
    Steph 2 Chef xx

  4. Well I'm sure there are a lot of things in Australia that Americans don't have access to .. you just have to see the silver lining and think positively about your situation

  5. I am from the US, and yes? Lol...Whole Foods is awesome but not as common as it should be. Some towns have grocery stores that suck and not only that but people don't care nearly about health as they should.

    I will say when my husband went to Australia he was SO excited to bring back an Australian MRE {ready to eat meal}. Kinda strange, but he showed it to everyone ;)

  6. Angel,
    I definitely should see the silver linings in everything Aus has to offer.. but sometimes I juts get jealous! ;)
    Ready to eat meal? Ok, well each to their own! :)
    Steph 2 Chef xxx

  7. I'm actually surprised at how much stuff we are slowly getting- outside of the fun cereals but quest bars/flavoured protein powders/etc we do have- Unless its just a Melbourne/Sydney thing haha! Also Coles now have kabocha and spaghetti squash!

  8. Arman,
    I definitely think if any state in Aus is going to receive all the cool stuff last, it will be Perth. ;) Just kidding, although I have seen kabocha at Coles once and I got sooo excited! All things fail, I'm moving to Sydney! :)
    Steph 2 chefxx


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