Friday, 27 March 2015

Inside the mind of a runner

Hello, hello! How's Saturday going so far? It's a bright and sunny and warm and lovely and... impeccable day in Perth, Australia! Don't know how many of these we've got left before winter starts to chill the air! (I just need to work out how to bottle this heat and sun and blue skies and then I'll be fine)

Ahh, always nice to start a post chatting about the weather, hey? The wall paper's looking nice too! (Just kidding, I don't have any wall paper)

Today, after my typical Saturday run, I thought it might be fun to recap a run... from the inside of my head, mainly because I think it's kind of funny and I also love reading about what other's think about when they run!

Stephanie's brain: 5:15am- 7:15am
5:15 am- Walks outside
Boy, it's a little chilly, how am I going to cope in winter when it's going to be super cold? Maybe I will have to wear thermals. Definitely not wearing these short shorts and tank top!

5:30am- running
So not feeling this run. I blame my speed run on Wednesday- so much more exciting then these long, boring ones. I wonder how long I've been running for. Why does it feel like midnight? Come on sun, hurry up and wake up!

5:35am- running
Loving this! So that's why I love running! Just gotta get past that first stage. Still not sure whether or not I'll get mugged though... it's so dark!!

5:45am- running
It's kind of cool how I can keep running and not get puffed. Run, run, goes my legs, ooh! Look at my legs! Look at them run! Woah! Eyes in front Steph! Light posts jump out of nowhere!

6:00am- running
Ok, the sun has definitely left our universe and gone to live in some other one. I guess stars are kind of pretty. Why are there so many bike riders? Is this bike riding hour? I like their flashing things. Maybe I should get some flashing things.

6:01am- running, imagining myself with flashing things
Definitely getting flashing things

6:10am- running
I wonder if any of my friends are runners? Most of them don't know I'm a runner. I'm pretty much a superhero! Running- my secret identity! Doo-do-doo-doooo!! (singing superhero tunes)

6:15am- running, face undoubtedly grimacing
Kinda hungry right now. Yep, that was my stomach. Shhh, stomach! Behave! You will be fed when we return home, until then, behave yourself. Now distractions, distractions. Well, there goes another group of bike riders. I like that they talk to each other, although they're quite loud. Shhh bike riders!

6:30am- running
Legs are getting tired. Come on legs, you got this! You are machines! Best legs ever! You were built for this- you. are. strong! Smile at the runner passing you. Ok they're not in the mood for smiling. Keep running. Now, where are we going after this park? Feeling like another park? Yeh!

6:45am- running
Wooh! Feeling awesome! I.Love.Running! Best sport ever! Yeh, you can look at me like I'm crazy, all you passing cars, but I am having the time of my life! So motivated, I got this hill!

6:46am- running
Gahh, running, why do you do this to me!?! Hills are not my friend. Hills are evil.

6:50am- running
Ok, feeling good again. Loving the sun! Loving the sounds of birds chirping and the world waking up. Not the loving the sound of those crazy motor bike riders behind me. Do not smile at them. Ruining my zen, how rude!

7:10am- running
Hungry. So hungry. Home. So close. Will I make it?

7:11am- running
Don't know if I'll make it.

7:12am- running
Never gonna make it.

7:13am- running
How am I still running?

7:14 am- running
So. Close.

7:15 am- collapsing
That was awesome.

That's pretty much the general thought path of my brain, but it still perplexes me how I manage to pass the time without a podcast/ music. It certainly does not feel like 2 hours pass, but there you go- along with my constant mindless thoughts I must day dream a lot too ;)
Story of my life.
Your turn:
Tell me some of the things you think about whilst running?
Do you sometimes think the weirdest things when you're not really concentrating?
Do you own any flashing things that people wear when it's dark outside?

I hope everyone has a fabulous and relaxing weekend , filled with love, laughter and lots of good food! Bye friends! :D


  1. I don't run, but I would like to! It just seems hard to get in to it :/

  2. Matilda,
    It does take a while and a bit of will power, but once you're in- it's an addiction I tell you! :)
    Steph 2 chef xx

  3. Hey friend! What running shoes do you wear?

  4. Heather,
    I think I wrote about them here in this post:
    I hope this helps :)
    Steph 2 chef xxx


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