Sunday, 8 March 2015

An Ode To Food Blogging

Hi friends, Happy Monday! (If I am actually allowed to say that?)

 I thought to mix things up a little bit and maybe, possibly, perhaps, brighten your Monday just a little bit...
I would write a poem!
About food blogging!
My experience with food blogging!
Ok- come on, it'll be fun!! :D
Let's go!

It all started off as a hobby,
To create, enliven and invent,
A journal of recipes, ideas and imaginings,
That seemed to keep me content.
Then the imaginings became the doings,
The inventions- existent and there,
The kitchen a chaotic flurry,
An excitement and passion in the air.
2 parents acknowledged this passion,
And with this came the gift of great influence,
The means to create an exceptional image,
To capture food in  all of it’s brilliance
Yet little did they know the spark this entailed,
As the girl’s mind set about her next plan,
Snapping every breakfast, lunch, dinner and more,
And so the inevitable blog began.
Looking back on the sparks of this fire,
I thank the world for creating this road,
As I navigate my way through my current teenage world,
It’s this blog preventing me to explode.
Whilst others stare and wonder at my life;
Enjoying grocery shopping, cooking and nutrition,
Snapping endless pictures of the food I eat,
Thinking I’ve got some kind of medical condition.
I smile and I wave, accepting who I am,
Continuing to make oatmeal look good,
And I write and I create and invent and explore,
I’d do nothing else if I could.

Your turn:
Are you a food blogger? What sparked you to become one?
What would you write an ode to? (Go on and write one!)
Do people think your food blogging is kinda strange?

So I hope you all have a great rest of your Monday because then it will be Tuesday... and then Friday (almost!) ;) See ya later! :D

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