Monday, 2 March 2015

Me complaining.. Again.

You're probably getting sick of me complaining about having zilch/ naught/nada/no time.
So with that in mind.....
I feel like it is a very typical teenager complaint (and probably an adult one too... I'm not sure, I'll have to wait until I become an adult ;) but trying to squish in school, homework, extracurricular school activities, flute lessons, acrobatics, a job, a blog and a social life (remind me again what that is?) leaves very little hours in the day. Unless I give up sleeping. Hmmm...
 Ok, sleep can stay. For now. ;P
Any who, where does a girl-full-of-beans who wants needs to burn off all her buzzing energy, find the time to run for her desired 1 hour and 30 minutes?
Why she wakes up before the sun has even considered stirring, laces up her running shoes and pounds that pavement! (It sounds so much cooler put like that!)
Even then- that early in the morning- leaves roughly 30 seconds to prepare breakfast. Enter pre-prepared deliciousness:
These round spherical objects that appear sort of white (however they are simply icy) are vanilla peanut butter protein balls, defrosting slightly from their overnight stay in the freezer.
They are so good for quick throw-in-your-gob brekky, made the night before and simply left out for around 15-20 mins to soften= perfect!
To make simply place about 1/3 cup rolled oats, 2 big tablespoon flax flakes (or some crumbled cereal of choice), sprinkle of chia seeds, scoop of vanilla protein powder, dash of cinnamon and some wholegrain cheerios (optional... but sort of not:) in a bowl and stir to combine.
Heat a heaped tablespoon of peanut butter in a small container with 2 tablespoons of milk of choice (I used macadamia milk) in the microwave for 20 seconds and stir into dry mix. Add more milk if necessary and form into balls. Place on a plate lined with baking paper and pop in the freezer until required.
So simple- which is why I didn't bother creating a proper recipe. :D

However, for some unforeseen reason, I awoke extremely early this particular morning and managed to make it back in time to make a little extra something to go with these awesome protein bites.
Yep- I made some strawberry banana ice cream and it was... majestic.
Simply 1 chopped frozen banana and a small handful of frozen strawberries whazzed up together in a food processor until, smooth and creamy and luscious. Yes, this ice creamy was both majestic and luscious. I may have been slightly over hungry. Either way it was good!
Perfect post-run brekky:
Check out how pretty the ice cream looks:
Starting to think I have a small fetish towards this ice cream. No shame.
I thought as I was chomping through these rich and fudgey bites that I should take a pic of the inside, so I took a bite, flicked on my camera, peered through the eye piece thingo and...
Hello Mr cheerio!

The best part about this brekky is just how filling and nutritionally beneficial it is. It packs a powerful punch in every aspect- which is great for fast refueling after an intense workout. You've got complex carbs, healthy fats, nutritious fruits and so. much. yumminess!

In case you were interested in what I whip up when I have slightly longer than 30 seconds, like on the weekend, then here you go:
A huge, delicious smoothy bowl.
And if you think about it, it's quite similkar to my quick brekky, just prepared differently. The oats (and cheerios!) are rubbed with pb and then baked in the oven for 15 mins, the fruit (frozen banana and frozen mango) is whazzed up with some spinach, kale, greek yoghurt, chia seeds and water and then they are both plonked together in a bowl.
I always crave the smoothies and ice cream (banana ice cream that is;) after my runs and then I realise I'm quite hungry so I throw in the oat aspect!
And then I also realise I've overestimated the capacity of my bowl...
Boy, that was a close one!

What about you?
Do you wake up early to fit in a workout?
Do you prepare food in advance for busy days or just grab convenience foods?
Cheerios- thoughts? I love cheerios :)

Now, what other things do I need to get done before my free time runs out once again! TA-TA for now! :D

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