Monday, 16 March 2015

Changing up the eats!

You know when you get in those food funks?
Those funks where day-in day-out you have no inspiration as to what to create for whatever meal is supposed to be next.
I know, I know- biggest first world problem you've ever heard... but we've all been there.

Monday: 'Hmm, what should I make for dinner tonight? I guess I'll need some veg, some carbs, some protein.'
Dinner: Steamed rice. Boiled/roasted veg. Canned beans/ meat of choice

Tuesday: 'Dinner, right, what are we having? Carbs, veg, protein, fat.'
Dinner: Boiled pasta. Boiled veg. Tofu/ meat of choice

Wednesday: 'Right, dinner is a daily occurrence, ok. So are we thinking carbs, protein, fat and veg? Haven't had rice in... a day.'
Dinner: Steamed rice. boiled/roasted veg. Canned beans/ meat of choice.

Now, the above scenario isn't exactly me. I hate eating the same thing day after day. But I have noticed that I've created a sort of rotation that occurs weekly. Once a week I'll have pasta. Once a week I'll have a bowl of roasted veg. Another day of the week has to be a pizza night. There will usually be eggs on toast on a typical day of the week. Then all of a sudden all my days are filled with dinners that I have every single week and I never try new things!
Yeh, I think that's a little too much meal prep- and that's me talking!
So I've started a new mission to begin adding in wild and wacky dinners like I used to. Back in the day (around 8 months ago) when I would just cook up a storm in the kitchen and either create something amazing, or something amazingly terrible. I guess that was the difference though, I wasn't afraid of making something that tasted foul. :)
This just reminded me of a veggie bowl I made for dinner once with roasted veg, buckwheat cereal flakes and almond butter... told you I was creative!

It's not just dinner either. It's breakfast and lunch too (especially during school terms). I always fall back on the typical oats or the typical salad with a torn up veggie burger. Whatever happened to crazy breakfast pretzels or veggie pizza buns?

Yep, it's decided- gotta change up them eats! Discover new cuisines and try them out. I admit I am quite hesitant towards Asian dishes as the flavours are so subtle and quite foreign to me and as a result I stick to my tried and true Italian and Mexican dishes- but all that is going to change!

Like this brekky:
To the untrained eye this may appear as a simple bowl of oats topped with peanut butter (which is not an amazingly creative and different eat for me) but you have been deceived!

 I call this creation; nutty rhubarb cheesecake oats!

1/3 cup steel cut oats (heaped)
2 tablespoons flax flakes (optional)
sprinkle of chia seeds
1/2 stick of rhubarb chopped
1 banana chopped
1 cup milk of choice (I used macadamia milk)
1 cup water
1/3 cup greek yoghurt
peanut butter/ other optional toppings

1. Place the oats, flax, chia seeds, rhubarb, banana, milk and water in a pot and stir over medium heat. Leave to start bubbling and then stir occasionally until thick and liquid is absorbed.
2.Leave to sit for a few minutes
3. Stir in the greek yoghurt, pour into bowl and top with topping of choice
4. Eat up!
I always seem to forget how good rhubarb is.. and then I'll remember and buy some and enjoy it in some oats/ a bake or something. Then I forget again. Gah.

As I said, dinner for me is probably the hardest to come up with brand new meals. I'm tired, I have probably spent the remainder of my afternoon doing homework, I probably don't have much time to make a decision on what to make so I generally slip into steaming veggies and adding a grain and protein source. My mind doesn't even think of other cuisines or types of combinations like spring rolls, curries, chili, soups, bakes etc.  My goal? At least once a week do something crazy.
 This plate wasn't too crazy- but I'm working on it! I thought I should feature it as it's something I've never done before.
Yes, those are steamed veg on the side (pumpkin, parsnip, beetroot) however on top of the two slices of 100% rye bread spread with hommus is the best veggie sausages ever topped with my take on a home-made relish!!
I caramelised around 1/4 of a brown onion with a bit of olive oil for 15 mins or so on low heat until golden and... caramel-y? Then shook in some cumin and paprika and sauteed for around 30 seconds before adding in a handful of chopped cherry tomatoes, a slice of eggplant chopped and a handful of chopped capsicum and sauteed for another 20-30mins until everything was nice and caramelised.

So that's my current challenge- wacky-fying up my eats, trying things I've never done before and most probably eating some food that tastes comparable to that of fried rubber... but you know- live and learn!
 Things just got deep

 Feel free to join me if you feel like you're stuck in your meal rotation and want to break out!

What about you?
Do you ever have periods of eating the same meals on rotate?
How do you combat meal un-inspiration?
Favourite way with rhubarb?

I hope everyone has a fabulous rest of the day and maybe even make something you've never tried before? Bye! :D
Now, what to make for dinner...


  1. What's your fave hummus brand? I think this is a great idea and one I need to work on!

  2. Heather,
    My fav hummus brand is definitely Yumi's, tastes so good! I really have to try making some of my own though- I'm sure I could whip up some awesome flavours! Thanks for your comment!
    Steph 2 chef xx


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