Sunday, 7 September 2014

The packed lunch

I love lunch! Not as much as I love brekky... but I do love lunch (dinner not so much, because I like variety and I sort of run out of something new to make a meal with by the end of the day.
On weekends and holidays my lunches are super-yummy and filling- however packing a lunch and making it super yummy and filling is a whole other story.

I've packed my own lunch for quite a while now... so I have a pretty good repertoire of things to make that not only last, but put a smile on my face as I eat it (yep, my friends think I'm weird)

So I thought I might show you last weeks lunches for inspiration/ stimulation/ salivation :D
Monday was gooood! Home-made wholemeal spelt bread, spread with hommus, topped with spinach, mashed pumpkin, sauteed mushrooms, a lentil burger, tomato slices and grilled yellow capsicum:
A beautiful tower of sandwich:
Grilled in a sandwich press: (I do this because I find the bread gets less soggy and it stays together better, not to mention tasting so darn good)
And cut in half and admired:
This may have been my favourite lunch of the week! It was cooked brown rice, steamed pumpkin and mixed four beans, all mixed together with some home made pesto!
Soooo yummy. It kept really well too :)
Another delicious boxed lunch was this toasted veggie and hommus lunch:
Roasted pumpkin, purple baby carrots, swede, parsnip, beetroot and potato, topped with spinach and hommus.
I roasted the veggies in the morning (because I get up freakishly e3arly- but you can definitely pre-roast them the night before)

Lastly, Thursday's lunch was black quinoa, steamed pumpkin, and roasted eggplant +zucchini+capsicum+mushrooms- drizzled with olive oil and crushed garlic and roasted for around 20-30 mins at 180 degrees celsius:
That was last weeks lunches and I fell like they were all a success!

I must admit, I don't mind the jealous stares I get when opening my lid/ unwrapping my sandwich. My enjoyment of this is simply the fact that they should bring more then- an apple is not enough for lunch! (as shown in images above:) And if my lunch prompts them to do so: win/win!

What are you having for lunch today?

That's all for now folks! See ya later

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