Saturday, 6 September 2014

Weekend happenings

I'm in a weird mood this morning guys. Don't know what kind of mood.. just weird. Sort of unmotivated, sort of wishy washy. Catch my drift?
It's been a pretty good and productive weekend however filled with yummy eats!

Just like this nacho bowl I had for lunch yesterday:
 Very similar to this recipe, without the mashed veggies. It definitely put a smile on my face and fueled me up for a long day of shopping.
See I had to find a batman costume for a superhero party next week and I've got to say that though I tried, the 5-year-old boy costumes just didn't budge over my head :) I'm not complaining though, my costume was relatively easier than my friend's who was going as Robin ;)

After lots of walking and worrying, we managed to put together our costumes :)

Once home, dinner was on my mind and it was a good one:
Super simple baked sweet potato with coconut butter and a side of baby kale, chopped tomato, peas and a torn up veggie burger.
Best part of the meal!
Seeing as I don't have too much else to say I thought I might join in on the link love this week and share some interesting links I've found around the web!

First of all my favourite blog post of the week:

1. Plants have calcium too  - it's a must read for all vegans (and non-vegans) out there and raises a lot of good points!

Another good link for vegans/ dairy allergies to check out:

2. 7 top products to try if you're allergic to dairy

And lastly on my links for vegans (I'm spoiling you today!) check out...

3. 7 technically vegan foods to avoid

Moving on to some awesome links I've come across:

4. 41 delicious facts about chocolate  - the fact that there were 41 facts just made me smile :)

This next link is hilarious:

5. 11 inventions that are so absurd they might be genius

If I were to start online shopping this site would kill me:

6. This is why I'm broke

And this would be the first item I'd buy:

Bubble wrap calendar!

So there you go, some links if you're bored/ interested/ click-happy :)
I've got a good week of posts planned for this week so stayed tuned!
Catch ya later!

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